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Online Mind Mapping in Education by Mind Map: Online Mind Mapping in
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Online Mind Mapping in Education


Share your maps & brainstorm with others

Real-time collaboration

Unlimited number of people

Built-in chat window

Connect with Google Hangouts & video chat with up to 9 others

All in one solution

Brainstorm and collaborate


Add images, themes and styles


Easy to use

Award-winning user interface

Clutter-free & intuitive

No learning required


Works with shortcuts

Frictionless brainstorming

Software as a Service

Manageable costs

Pay as you go

No installation, no manual updating

Accessible from anywhere, anytime


Encrypted communication

Strictest privacy rules

Subscription plans

30-day free trial on all accounts Pay per month Or pay per year and save 17%



Limited mind maps

Limited features

Edu Personal

2.99 € user/month

For individuals

Personal projects

Edu Pro

4.99 € user/month

For educators, researchers and non-profit teams

Edu Campus

1 € user/month

For schools & universities

Multiple admins

Priority support



Google Apps

Google Drive

Google Docs Add-on

Google Hangouts

Google Glass


You can add EverNotes to your creations, ensuring that important files and documents are included in your brainstorming process.


You can add attachments to your creations directly from Dropbox. Connecting your accounts takes only a few seconds.

Uses in Education

Plan and organize group projects

Collect all project instructions in a mind map Easily share the map with all members of the group Assign tasks and add deadlines  

Collaborate with teachers and students

Create topic and discussion templates Brainstorm and collaborate together Improve communication and further critical thinking  

Brainstorm & outline texts

Get a creative flow of ideas going Capture your thoughts and rearrange them to create a logical structure Export your text outline as a Word document

Take notes in class

Take smarter, more efficient notes Add images, files and links to individual topics Easily search and filter your notes

Summarize articles & books

Improve reading comprehension and memory Create a great overview of an entire book Quickly revise material without having to read the entire text again

Memorize complex information

Use memory triggers like images, icons, colors and structure Visualize information and literally connect the dots Memorize anything from grammar rules to legal texts

Create engaging presentations

Easily turn your mind maps into engaging presentations Broadcast presentations live to other collaborators Export slideshow or embed it on a blog or website

What is MindMeister?

Market-leader in online mind mapping and collaboration

Completely web-based

All mind maps are stored in the cloud

Runs in any standard web browser

Native mobile apps, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablets, Phones


GEISTESBLITZ, (noun, m.) ['gæstes blîts]: literally translated as mind flash, is a sudden insight or idea, often brilliant and unexpected. Consisting of the German words Geist (as in Zeitgeist) and Blitz (as in Blitzen, that lightning-fast reindeer of Santa Claus), it is probably best translated into English as brain wave or flash of genius.





Desktop Widgets

What is mind mapping?

Term coined by Tony Buzan

English researcher


Need to deal with large amounts of information at University

Looked for new and more effective thinking, reading and memorizing techniques

Classic Buzan mind map

Type of diagram

Visual thinking & brainstorming tool

Mind maps..., Structure information, Enhance productivity, Further creativity, Improve memory & recall