7 Aspects of Civilization

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7 Aspects of Civilization by Mind Map: 7 Aspects of Civilization

1. Arts and Education

1.1. Sumeria

1.1.1. There was a lot of Babylonian art in Sumeria. The Sumerians were very skilled artists.

1.2. Shang/Zhou

1.2.1. The bronze age began in china in about 2000 B.C.E. These dynasty's both made many artistic creations with bronze and other materials. Jade was a very prized stone in china. Many sculptures were made of jade. Mathematics was a fairly advanced subject in china back then.

2. Religion

2.1. Sumerian

2.1.1. The Sumerian religion mainly revolves around the worship of nature like wind and water. They believed the cosmos was controlled by a divine and immortal being. Sumerian's believed in an under region called the nether

2.2. Shang Zhou

2.2.1. Shang/Zhou religion are both very different. Shang religion believed in beings like ghosts and ancestors living in the universe both good and evil.

3. Geography and Agriculture

3.1. Shang/Zhou

3.1.1. The Shang/Zhou geography and agriculture were both similar. Both dynasty's were in southeast Asia. Both farmed crops for trade and the geographical features were mountains and river boundaries.

3.2. Sumerian

3.2.1. Sumerian geography was filled with many mountains and rivers. The agriculture was farming and harvesting crops. The Tigris and Euphrates river played a large role in the transportation of goods and the harvesting of resources.

4. Economy and Trade

4.1. Sumerian

4.1.1. Sumerian economy was based off of agriculture mainly. Many different jobs in Sumeria were blacksmiths, bricklayers, farmers, shepherds etc. Sumerians commonly traded with far away countries for valuables for new inventions.

4.2. Shang/Zhou

4.2.1. The Shang dynasty's economy was good. Their main income was from the harvesting of crops. Theses dynasty's were both known for producing lots of silk to make beautiful clothes. This later became China's main export/trading good. The Zhou Dynasty's economy was good. The goods they produced were crops and various tools and metals.

5. Social Structure and Family Life

5.1. Sumerian

5.1.1. The upper class of the Sumerians contained nobles priests. The Sumerians had temples in which worship and education took place. Children could be sold into slavery for dept payment.

5.2. Shang/zhou

5.2.1. These empires had emperors as rulers. They had a social hierarchy. They had farmers. There were regional rulers and wealthy land owners.

6. Government and leaders

6.1. Shang/Zhou

6.1.1. First Chinese nation to have a standardized language. The early leaders of the Zhou Dynasty introduced the idea of "Mandate of Heaven". The government of the Zhou was based on a Feudal system. The emperor divided up the land into fiefs that were usually ruled by his relatives.

6.2. Sumerian

6.2.1. The Sumerians government was set up as a monarchy. The king had many officers, many of whom were priests. Each king ruled for about 5-12 years at a time.

7. Science and Technology

7.1. Sumerian

7.1.1. Sumerian technology was very important because the Sumerians invented the wheel. Sumerians had many other inventions like common tools and weapons. For science, Sumerians were some of he first formal astronomers.

7.2. Shang/Zhou

7.2.1. Shang Zhou Dynasties invented and perfected many things. They perfected the calender and discovered magnetism. They had the first geographical maps and maps of the starry sky.