Spring Break 2010

This is what I did during Spring Break

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Spring Break 2010 by Mind Map: Spring Break 2010

1. Friday 12

1.1. I went with CKA to a place where we can do out do activities.

2. Sunday 21

2.1. We took my friend home. I went with my parents to my aunt and uncle house to see new moon.

3. Tuesday 16

3.1. Got my nephew went to the park with him. He spent the night.

4. Wednesday 17

4.1. Went to the movies with my mom and nephew to see Alice in wonderland. He spent the night again.

5. Saturday 13

5.1. I went fishing, swimming, kayaking and I tried a new thing called a zipline.

6. Saturday 20

6.1. I went to a sweet 16 with my friend and she spent the night.

7. Monday 15

7.1. I was at the McNeils house and learned how to drive to four wheelers.

8. Thursday 18

8.1. I went to a cook out with my moom and nephew. After that we took him home.

9. Sunday 14

9.1. I helped pack up camp and some children including me with to the McNeils house others went home.

10. Friday 19

10.1. I went with my mom to go have lunch with my dad.

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