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Glowbow Marketing by Mind Map: Glowbow Marketing

1. Workflow

1.1. Mockup discussion and adjustment based on marketing needs

2. Brand Naming

2.1. Chinese Name is HongMing, means Glowing Rainbow

2.2. Target Clients

2.2.1. European and North Americans

2.3. Request

2.3.1. comply with the language habits of the target market customers, easy to remember, even a child would know like this

2.3.2. showing photoluminescent products features, people would immediately know what it is

3. Previously On Us

3.1. What we do

3.1.1. Industry What's photoluminescent Competitor Sites Global Domestic B2C

3.1.2. Application

3.2. what we are

3.2.1. solution provider

3.2.2. team united important than anything

3.3. what we for

3.3.1. clients manufacture Dealer Retail Customer

4. LOGO Design

4.1. VI

4.1.1. Busniess Feel

4.1.2. Color Black, white, gray and a bright color (like aqua-blue, our photoluminescent color) All the competitors' design goes for dark to show photoluminescent effects clearly, we would go for bright to light clients eyes

4.2. Simple but clear about what we are doing

4.3. With a slogan

5. Web Construction

5.1. Goal

5.1.1. Online Marketing to earn leads for furthur communication

5.1.2. PL products are still unknown to a lot of our customers, So we have to a web to let them know about this, and don't need to ask google for help

5.2. Wire Frame


5.2.2. Open with Safari/Chrome/Firefox

5.2.3. Need Marketing Skills to improve this wireframe

5.2.4. Just a draft here, should talk to change and improve the mockup once the design work starts

5.3. Template for designing reference only



5.4. Reference Websites we prefer














5.5. Request

5.5.1. Cusomized WordPress Theme

5.5.2. Color Based on VI design

5.5.3. Full Responsive, compatability for cross browsers and mobile and ipad, etc.

5.5.4. B2B type, just need inquiries rather than online orders Inquiry Basket

5.5.5. Marketing Designs, like call to actions to improve website conversion

5.5.6. Button click for a pop up window form

5.5.7. google analytics

5.5.8. It's possible to find some web experiencer to check the web after a period, need free design support during this time

5.5.9. First Poster - Wall Painting Would do a wall painting in our meeting room based on the first poster design, to show our photoluminescent effects The image will also used as the first look of clients when opening every our site online

5.5.10. Content Writing and Proofreading