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ELearning Website by Mind Map: ELearning Website

1. Important points regarding project

1.1. Site to use existing open source technology to be used ( Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard )

1.2. Site to have Responsive development functional across all devices

1.2.1. Desktops

1.2.2. Tablets

1.2.3. Smartphones

1.3. Site to have 2 types of users

1.3.1. Students

1.3.2. Tutors

2. Marketplace

2.1. Users (tutors and students) would meet and exchange interest through private messages

2.2. To provide private in-person tutoring sessions

2.3. Standard Services

2.3.1. profile creation

2.3.2. hourly rates

2.3.3. Availability

2.3.4. Search tutors based on Zipcode Subjects

2.3.5. add reviews/comments

2.3.6. exchange messages with students

2.3.7. Social Media login Facebook Google id

2.4. Reference sites for this section

2.4.1. www.wyzant.com

2.4.2. www.universitytutor.com

3. Free Content

3.1. This section will allow tutors to upload free content which consists of

3.1.1. Lesson

3.1.2. Short instructions

3.1.3. Problem solution

3.1.4. Video lessons

3.2. Logged in users can view these contents and leave comments

3.3. Reference site for this section

3.3.1. www.wyzant.com

4. Ask Me

4.1. This section would allow students to ask questions in an open forum where tutors can provide quick and short answers

4.2. More than one tutor can provide answers. Students can leave comments

4.3. Reference sites for this section

4.3.1. www.wyzant.com

5. Blog

5.1. The Blog section will allow the staff to post articles. Both student and tutors can leave comments

6. Social

6.1. There will be an aspect of social that will be integrated with this to make the site personalized and interesting at the same time

6.2. A personalize “News Feed” to be created

6.2.1. Both tutors and students would be able to follow one or more tutors, subjects etc

6.3. The personalized news feed would be fed based on the activity by any of the followed teachers

6.3.1. New content posting

6.3.2. Q&A answer etc

6.4. Reference sites for this section

6.4.1. www.threadflip.com

6.4.2. www.poshmark.com

7. eLearning Course Management

7.1. Allow teachers to create and manage there lesson plans and course work online

7.2. Allow interactions with students to supplement in-person tutoring, reduce paper work, improve grade monitoring and progress tracking for all including parents

8. Further scope of development for phase 2

8.1. Fully Online Courses with Virtual Classroom (Cloud Based)

8.2. Sell Courses Online