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Social Media Pros & Cons by Mind Map: Social Media Pros & Cons
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Social Media Pros & Cons

Try it because...

Speed of interaction

Create conversations

Build a brand

Cheaper than other marketing channels

Test ideas & get responses

Global & Cross-cultural

Limited regulation

Measurable impact


Everything is going online. Unstoppable.

More accessible.

Find anything

Be careful because...

Speed of interaction! Hard to keep up in real time

privacy & personal security

OMT (One More Thing)

Tough to be candid

Putting a face on organization can be daunting -- one person becomes accountable

Talking about bureaucratic topics in casual voice

How to respond to rude/critical comments

Senior buy-in/anxiety

Fear of losing control

Dealing with negative comments about your brand/organization

More pros

Variety of perspectives

Comfortable social context for people who aren't comfortable face-to-face

Combat loneliness and isolation

Scaleable -- use as much as you want or as little as you want


Breaks down barriers -- see anything without leaving your hosue

Instant stimulation

Research value

Advocacy of all sorts

Make relationships more efficient

Different kinds of media (pictures, video etc)

Instant alerts

Social stalking: respond to your customers/clients

Customer loyalty