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Landforms are natural features of Earth, things that you will see outside. by Mind Map: Landforms are natural features of Earth, things that you will see outside.
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Landforms are natural features of Earth, things that you will see outside.

Glaciers have very cold weather. There is lots of snow and ice.

Polar Bears live here.

Glaciers: Big, frozen chunks of ice that store over 75% of the Earth's water. Glaciers look like giant, floating ice cubes.

Glaciers are found in Antarctica, in Alaska, and in the Polar Ice Caps and regions of the ocean.

Plains: are very flat lands that extend for miles with no change in elevation. They do not grow bigger or grow smaller. Plains are shaped like a flat piece of wood.

Prairie Dogs live here.

There can be many different types of weather in the plains. It can be rainy, sunny, windy, cloudy, and even snow. It can also be very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.

Plains are found mostly in the Western part of the United States, in states such as Kansas and the Dakotas.

Valleys: small dents on the Earth's surface surrounded by hills or mountains. A valley looks like a cereal bowl.

Mountain Lions live here.

Valleys can have the same types of weather as the plains. Valleys can also be found in the desert, which means that they experience extreme heat and extreme cold.

Valleys are found in various states within the United States, such as Pennsylvania and Virginia, and also in desert areas, such as New Mexico and Arizona.

Mountains: were created by strong forces that caused land to be pushed up into the shape of an upside down ice cream cone.

Moose live here.

Mountains are very, very cold at the top, and often are covered with snow. This happens because they are so close to the clouds, due to their height. The higher up a mountain you climb, the colder it gets.

Mountains are found in Northern states, such as Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Hills: were formed by a build-up of rocks or sand that were carried far away by strong winds. Hills look like small mountains and are not quite as tall or pointed.

Cows live here.

Hills also have the same types of weather as the valleys and plains.

Hills are found in places with a big farming industry, such as Southern Ohio and Kentucky.

Identifying Landforms

OACS: Special Education, Identifying Geographical Regions