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everything we learned by Mind Map: everything we learned
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everything we learned


Name for the process of increasing the connectivity and interdependence of the world's markets and businesses.

eras of globalization


The Columbian Exchange


Industrial Revolution


10 events and outsourcing

causes of globalization





Workflow Software

End of Cold War

Supply chains




Triple Convergence

Convergence 1

All ten flatteners come together

Convergence 2

Platforms- basic underlying operations systems for innovation and production

Convergence 3

Billions coming into the work force

The great sorting out

System for creating value more horizontal- connection and collaborate- value creation model.

India vs. Indiana

Where do companies start and stop?

From command and control to collaborate and connect

Multiple Identity Disorder

Who owns what?

Death of the Salesman

The Right Stuff

Which class to I take to learn how to learn?

Navigation of the Internet

CQ + PQ > IQ

Stressing Liberal Arts

Right Brain

Tubas and Test Tubes

The Right Country

The Quiet Crisis

Number Gap

Education Gap at the top

The Ambition Gap

Education Gap at the bottom

Funding Gap

Infrastructure Gap

The New Middle Class

Great Collaborators and Orchestrators

The Great Synthesizers

The Great Explainers

The Great Leveragers

The Great Adapters

The Green people

The Passionate Personalizers

Math Lovers

The Great Localizers

Compassionate Flatism

Muscles building




social activism

US and the flat world

The way to succeed is to not by stopping the lines from connecting to US by firing up your imagination by upgrading up your skills, and by adopting practices, rules, policies, and educational institutions.