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Globalization by Mind Map: Globalization

1. The Right Stuff

1.1. The Right Brain

1.1.1. Americans need to more creative

1.2. Tubas and Test Tubes

1.2.1. People need to adapt more to their sorroundings

1.3. The Right Country

1.3.1. Who is going to be the number 1 country in the future?

1.4. CQ+PQ>IQ

1.4.1. Passion and curiousity is going to be more important than intellegence

1.5. Navagation on the internet

1.5.1. People need to know how to use the internet and how to navagate

1.6. Stressing Liberal Arts

1.6.1. people now do more training and take more classes to get extra skills

1.7. Which class do you need to take to learn how to learn?

1.7.1. "Learn How to Learn"

1.7.2. Absorb and teach yourself

2. The New Middle Class

2.1. Localizers

2.2. Adapters

2.3. Leveragers

2.4. Explainers

2.5. Synthesizers

2.6. Green People

2.7. Math Lovers

2.8. Passionate and Personalizers

2.9. Collaborators and Orchestrators

3. Triple Convergence

3.1. Flatteners

3.2. New business opertunities

3.3. Millions of people entering the workforce

4. The Quiet Crisis

4.1. Ambition Gap

4.1.1. Americans lack the ambition to do well in the economic world.

4.2. Education Gap at bottom

4.2.1. Students take more classes that they are interested in and really dont need rather than taking classes that they need like Math.

4.3. Education Gap at top

4.3.1. Most students that take more upper level math and science classes and go to college for these classes are mostly foreign students.

4.4. Numbers Gap

4.4.1. Not enough students in america are taking enough math and science classes

4.5. Funding Gap

4.5.1. Richer school are getting better and poorer school are getting worse

4.5.2. We need to help the poorer schools more than the rich scools.

4.6. infrastructure Gap

4.6.1. America needs to focus more on brodband.

5. The Great Sorting Out

5.1. Death of a Salesman

5.2. From Command and Control to Connect and Collaborate

5.3. Who owns what?

5.4. Multiple identity Disorder

5.5. Where do companies start and stop?

5.6. India vs Indiana

6. Eras of Globalization

6.1. 1.0

6.1.1. 1492-1800 Change in power Broke down walls

6.2. 2.0

6.2.1. 1800-2000 The key change was multinational companies.

6.3. 3.0

6.3.1. 2000-present Focuses on induviduality

7. Causes of Globalization

7.1. Outsourcing

7.1.1. Many people are losing their jobs because parts of companies are being sent to other countries for cheaper labor.

7.2. Offshoring

7.2.1. This is when an entire company is sent overseas. This i also a cause of job lose.

7.3. Insourcing

7.3.1. Keeps jobs in american and helps out the economy.

7.4. Informing

7.4.1. Giving or getting information in seconds

7.4.2. Google is an example

7.5. Uploading

7.5.1. Giving people the ability to collaborate and she with others around the world.

7.6. End of Cold War

7.6.1. Communist has fallen in countries

7.6.2. More countires are able to compete with each other.

7.6.3. New trading opportunities had opened.

7.7. Workflow software

7.7.1. saves time on automating

7.8. "Steroids"

7.8.1. access to the internet in the palm of your hands

7.8.2. Cell phones is a great example

7.8.3. able to chat with people anywhere

7.9. Supply Chains

7.9.1. largest supply chain is Walmart

7.9.2. Deliver finished goods and services to consumers.

7.10. Internet

7.10.1. People are becoming more dependent on new technology.

7.10.2. People are able to search anything they want and can chat with others around the world.

8. Compassionate Flatism

8.1. Comparative Advantage

8.1.1. The U.S. needs to do what they are good at and forget about everything else until we are stable again.

9. U.S. and the Flat World

9.1. Comparative advantage

9.2. Free Trade