Nicole Leonard

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Nicole Leonard by Mind Map: Nicole Leonard

1. Schooling

1.1. I attended three elementary schools in three years, and then went on to one middle school and continued my education at Sickles High School. I am currently attending the University of Central Florida.

1.1.1. Elementary School: My favorite grade was probably 5th grade, and my favorite teachers in elementary school taught me to love school and enjoy reading.

1.1.2. Middle School: Honestly not my favorite part of my schooling years. But I learned in these three years that History is one of my favorite subjects, along with Math. I had one of my favorite Math teachers in this time.

1.1.3. High School: This was a great experience. I joined two varsity sports, took many AP classes, along with Honors classes, and really enjoyed learning. I also found out that I am not that great at Science!

1.1.4. College: I am now enrolled at UCF and am an Elementary Education major and am loving it!

2. Family

2.1. I have a very large family!

2.1.1. My immediate family includes five people; my parents, Kenneth and Susan, my sister, Rebecca, my brother, Kenneth, and myself, Nicole.

2.1.2. My father's side is quite large. At the last count there was one-hundred and five people. We all get together at Lake George and are all very close. My family is very tight knit and we even have family reunions every couple years to keep up with each other. My father has four siblings, and his father passed away a few years ago and his mother is 93 years old!

2.1.3. My mother's side is also large, but not as large as my father's. I have many cousins on this side and I really wish they all lived closer so we could see each other more often. My mother has three siblings, and her parents still live in the house they got married in.

3. Personal

3.1. I have many personal interests, here are my top three:

3.1.1. I love to read, and two of my favorite authors include Sarah Dessen and John Green. Their books, like many others I have read inspire me. Two of my favorite genres include historical fiction and romance novels.

3.1.2. Personally I enjoy traveling as well. My favorite place to go is Lake George, New York. My family has a house there and I grew up on that lake, it is there that I learned about conquering fears and enjoying life.

3.1.3. I also love the water! I could be on a lake or the ocean all day long. I enjoy swimming, soaking up the sun, boating, tubing, and wakeboarding. Water activities are so much!