Benefits of using Open Education Resources (OERs)

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Benefits of using Open Education Resources (OERs) by Mind Map: Benefits of using Open Education Resources (OERs)

1. Benefits to Instructors

1.1. Recognition

1.1.1. License your own materials and share. Get Global Recognition!

1.2. Less to Worry About

1.2.1. Don't have to worry about students receiving textbooks.

1.2.2. Don't have to worry about violating Copyright.

1.3. Saves Time

1.3.1. Why reinvent the Wheel - Free OERs allow instructors to create course materials quickly and easily.

1.3.2. Not having to take time to update teaching materials for book edition changes etc.

1.4. Teaching with Technology

1.4.1. Add OER images, videos, and eBooks.

1.4.2. Create the flipped classroom quickly and easily.

2. Benefits to Students

2.1. Saves Money

2.1.1. Students don't have to spend money on expensive textbooks.

2.2. Saves Time

2.2.1. No time is spent waiting to receive the textbook. OERs are quick and easy to use.

2.3. Learning with Technology

2.3.1. Students learn how to use and create with technology.

3. Benefits to the Institution

3.1. Universal Design

3.1.1. Easy and convenient for everyone to use.

3.2. Saves Money

3.2.1. No wasted money on outdated printed materials.

3.3. Reduces Environmental Footprint

3.3.1. OERs are electronic and don't require printing or the use of paper.