Decisions in Caesar act 2

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Decisions in Caesar act 2 by Mind Map: Decisions in  Caesar act 2

1. Brutus decides to join the conspiracy because he thinks he is being noble by helping the citizens.

1.1. Because of this, Brutus may feel internal or external grief which could cause him to commit suicide or hurt those around him. He may get put on trial or in jail, or he could become king himself.

2. Caesar decides to go to the Senate rather than listening to his wife because the messenger says that his wife misinterpreted the dream.

2.1. Caesar will likely die because of this decision, and if he doesn't (even though we know he will) his relationship with his wife may be messed up.

3. The conspiracy decides to not kill Antony because Brutus says that Antony won't be a problem after Caesar is dead.

3.1. Because he will live, Antony may end up rising up against the conspiracy. He could kill others, or himself because he is depressed or angry.

4. Portia decides to go inside after hearing that there is a conspiracy against Caesar with the thought that woman can't do anything.

4.1. Because Portia decides to do nothing, Caesar will die because no one else will warn him unless the soothsayer is successful.