Julias Caesar: Decisions in Act 2

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Julias Caesar: Decisions in Act 2 by Mind Map: Julias Caesar: Decisions in Act 2

1. Brutus joins the conspiracy

1.1. Cassius sways him to join the conspiracy. He is motivated by Cassius, who convinces him it is honorable because the people of Rome do not want Caesar to be king. The possible outcome of this is death. His murder plot could cause him to be a target.

2. Caesar goes to the senate instead of listening to his wife, Portia.

2.1. Portia has a dream that fortells Caesar being killed/harmed if he goes out that day. Later, a messenger comes to Caesar's house and says that Caesar misinterpreted the dream and instead should go to the senate because good things will happen. The possible repercussions include death, because the conspirators against him are planning his murder.

3. Cassis decieves Brutus into joining the conspiracy

3.1. While Brutus may believe they are deceiving Caesar, or the public as a whole, Cassius is playing Brutus like a fiddle. We see in act 1 how Cassius uses Brutus's ambition to be honorable against him that he will join the conspiracy, and in act 2 we see Cassius continue to try to make Brutus more and more into the conspiracy. Cassius's laying and decieiving may catch up with him if any of his friends ever turn on him.

4. Artemidorus decides to warn Caesar about the conspirators

4.1. Artemidorus could be getting himself into something dangerous by sending a letter to Caesar to tip him off about Brutus, Cassisus, et. al.'s plans. The gang of conspirators has considered murdering Caesar, Mark Antony, and would most likely not be adverse to killing somebody who plans to, or actually does, reveal them for the conspirators they are.