Act 2 Decisions

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Act 2 Decisions by Mind Map: Act 2 Decisions

1. Brutus decides to join the conspiracy to kill Caesar, because "citizens" told him that they wanted hime gone.

1.1. They might actually kill Caesar and Brutus might be thrown in jail for his actions.

2. Caesar does not listen to his wife's warning about going to the senate, because he is told by a messenger, who is part of the conspiracy, that he misinterpreted her dream and that not going will make him look weak.

2.1. Since he decides to go, he might be assassinated while at the senate.

3. The conspirators decide to not assassinate Mark Antony because they really do not have anything against him, other than he supports Caesar.

3.1. Mark Antony, after finding out about Caesar's assassination, wants to enact revenge. He decides to kill those responsible for Caesar's death.

4. Brutus does not tell Portia of the conspirators' plan to assassinate Caesar, because she might try to talk him out of it and he does not want to worry her.

4.1. Since Portia never knew of the plan, when she gets word that her husband killed Caesar, she commits suicide out of severe depression and anxiety over what will happen to him.