The Discipline of Writing

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The Discipline of Writing by Mind Map: The Discipline of Writing


1.1. Make sure that it monetizes by asking yourself, ‘How am I going to get paid?’ Then,you make a plan and go after it.


2.1. Your strengths so you know what gaps you need to fi ll in with your teammates.

2.2. Make sure you have a well-balanced team of people who are good at the job they have to do and you will have a truly powerful team.

2.3. Focus on what you do best.”


3.1. 4 D’s to keep your time under control:

3.1.1. 1. You can dump it. 2. You can delegate it. 3. You can defer it. 4. You can do it

3.2. Dump It

3.2.1. You have to clear away the distraction so you’re focused on the business of the business

3.3. Delegate It

3.3.1. To help in this area, there are some great electronic resources:




3.4. Defer It

3.4.1. you will do it at a later date. But it’s very important that you have a ‘tickler’ fi le to remind you to get back to it. Put it on your calendar and schedule yourself

3.5. Do It

3.5.1. Keep focus. Resolve unfi nished business


4.1. 1. Become #1 today!

4.2. 2. Smart Team Building Technique

4.3. 3. Focus gets you out of slumps.

4.4. 4. You ought to have a diary.

4.5. 5. You have to do your visualization for realization

4.6. 6. Keep a success log and you can journal in your computer.

4.7. 7. You have to have a reality check.

4.8. 8. Establishing your Finish Line!

4.9. 9. There are two lists you need to keep.

4.10. 10. Ask and receive.

4.11. 11. Ask consistently, insistently, persistently.

4.12. 12. Ask and receive with focus.

4.13. 13. Consistency of smart choices.

4.14. 14. If you’re ready, you can do it.