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2010-2011 PROGRAMMING by Mind Map: 2010-2011
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Serving Communities

Child Advocacy & Youth Empowerment

National & Regional Only, Project LIFT, Regional Pipeline Programs

Chapter Implementation, College Student Division

Equity in Criminal Justice

National & Regional Only, P/S with Constitution Project

Chapter Implementation, Community Forums

Institutional Representation

National & Regional Only, P/S with Lawyers Committee, Lobby Day, CBC Weekend

Chapter Implementation, Election Protection, Get out the Vote (GOTV)

Global Citizenship

National & Regional Only, NBLSA C.A.R.E.S.

Chapter Implementation, World AIDS Day

Advocating for Peers

Chapter Health & Support

National & Regional Only, "BLSA Belongs" Law School Campaign, "BLSA to You" National Board Visit

Improving the Student Experience

National & Regional Only, ABA Board of Governors Service

Changing the Profession

Increased Representation of Black Lawyers

National & Regional Only, P/S with LCLD

Empower Yourself

Soft Skills Development

National & Regional Only, Networking Receptions, Leadership Retreat, Professional Recaps

Technical Skills Development

National & Regional Only, Mock Trial, Moot Court, Int'l Negotiations, Academic Retreats

Job Search & Industry Knowledge

National & Regional Only, Career Fair, Convention Workshops

Organizational Stability & Growth

Legal & Financial Health

National & Regional Only, Risk & Compliance, State Sales Tax Exemptions, Governance Project, Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, Fundraising, Pledge Cards in NBA Convention

External Branding & Integrated Communications

National & Regional Only, Membership Communication, Quarterly Update & BLSA by the Numbers, Annual Plenary Report, BLSA Promotion, "BLSA is..." Branding Campaign, "Evidence of Excellence" Chapter Spotlight, Social Media Branding, Taped Convention Greetings

Vision & Organizational Structure

National & Regional Only, NBLSA Advisory Board, National->Regional->Chapters Lines of Authority