Technical skills learned from AS

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Technical skills learned from AS by Mind Map: Technical skills learned from AS

1. Filmmaking

1.1. That constant camera movement avoids a dull film/story

1.2. It should attract the intended and correct audience

1.3. Seamlessness

1.4. Characters need to 'make sense' in terms of, in relation to the story and envronment

1.4.1. Continuity in characters is important

1.5. And more

2. Editing

2.1. Constant editing is attractive for viewers

2.2. How to use Final cut pro and Camtasia to edit

2.3. Editing in things like sound effects

2.4. Speed can be manipulated

2.5. Editing is hard work, in terms of precision

2.6. And more

3. Camera

3.1. How to set us a camera with many aspects

3.2. How to use a camera carefully

3.3. What can be creates by differen shot types

3.3.1. High/low angles can show power

3.3.2. Close ups can show tension

3.3.3. Extreme wide shots as be used to put emphasis on the setting and location.

3.4. Use of different cameras for different uses

3.4.1. Flip camera for short, blogging tasks

3.4.2. JVC for filming actual films

3.5. And more

4. Sound

4.1. Some sounds need to be added in post-prodution

4.2. The sound needs to match what is happening on the screen

4.3. Some sounds can be exaggerated for effect

4.3.1. For example, heavy rain drops and thunder for tension.

4.4. Helpful for understanding what is going on in the film/story

4.5. And more