Tranquility's Culture

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Tranquility's Culture by Mind Map: Tranquility's Culture

1. Music

1.1. The music you hear in Tranquility is usually soft and relaxing and helps people feel peaceful and content. This music is produced from soft strumming of banjos and other string instruments as well as humming and singing. Sometimes other instruments are used to make upbeat, loud but cheery music to spread happiness.

2. Transportation

2.1. Tranquility is not big on vehicles that pollute. For this reason there are many eco-friendly cars, trucks, and vans. There are also trains people take when traveling long distances. (such as across Tranquility)

3. Food

3.1. Food in Tranquility is mainly grown from local gardens. Even though citizens in Tranquility eat a wide amount of food, they are vegetarian. There are many types of foods grown in Tranquility (such as plants ranging from tropical fruits grown in greenhouses to soybean grown outside) though the main crops are corn, soybean, and hay.

4. Recreation

4.1. Many people in Tranquility love gardening, for this reason, there are many public gardens that communities come together to tend to. Also the love of animals is strong and there are always people at animal shelters trying to help wounded animals. Singing and playing instruments is also a pastime here and there are many recreation centers where you can listen to others playing relaxing music. Volunteering is also a big thing in Tranquility and every so often people come together and try to clean their community more, as well as help the elderly and ill out.

5. Celebrations

5.1. Some main celebrations in Tranquility are…

5.2. Memorial Day (A day where people remember loved and brave ones and that lost their lives during the The Great Erudite Invasion and other wars(such as the ones in the city before Amity left the city) This day is on the day when “The Great Erudite Invasion” ended)

5.3. Tranquility Day (A holiday where Amity celebrates the founding of Tranquility)

5.4. Environment Day (A day where people come together and work solely on making their community a more environment friendly place)

5.5. Virtue Week (A nice week off work where people hold “Virtue Carnivals” and celebrate having peace with others)

5.6. Family Week (A week long celebration where families come together and celebrate their appreciation and love for one another)