Hideo Kojima Influential Game Director

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Hideo Kojima Influential Game Director by Mind Map: Hideo Kojima Influential Game Director

1. Kojima is what we call a "latchkey kid". This intense isolation and loneliness has had an incredible impact on his childhood.

2. Death

3. Early Failures

4. Kojima has said that he has had to deal with death since an early age, no doubt due to the death of his father at a young age.

5. Kojima originally wanted to be a writer but was unable to get any of his early short stories published.

6. Childhood

7. Loneliness

8. First Success

9. When Kojima suddenly announced that he was going to try and become a game developer instead his friends and family were shocked, it was not a reliable industry at the time. Only his mother truly supported him.

10. Radical Change

11. Kojima went to college to become a Film Director because of his youth spent in front of the television.

12. His Start

13. After several years of trying he finally managed to get a job as a designer he manages to get work on a game called Penguin Adventure, considered to be a large success

14. Early Career In Game Design

15. The Beginning

16. From the release of the first Metal Gear game in 1987, only next year will the series be finished with Metal Gear Solid V, it is a highly anticipated game to an incredibly influential series.

17. Legacy

18. The Present

19. After his relative success Kojima was asked to take the helm on a new project "Metal Gear" he pioneered the stealth game genre with this title, laying the groundwork for many games to come

20. Kojima released 2 metal gear games with success only in Japan. However when he rereleased these games as Metal Gear Solid with voice acting included he became an international superstar.

21. The Metal Gear Series