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TESOL Recruitment Website by Mind Map: TESOL Recruitment Website

1. key requirments

1.1. Responsive Website design

1.1.1. Site to functional across all devices Desktops Tablets Smartphones

1.2. Minimum click functionality for

1.2.1. Teachers visiting the website and seeing a job

1.2.2. Teachers seeing a job and having applied for that job

1.2.3. Recruiters visiting the website and placing an add

1.3. Landing Page

1.3.1. Large (1/2 screen) Interactive Map of the World Each region selectable on World Map On the World Map you can select continents changing to a Continent Map Teacher can select regions (e.g. western Europe) changing to a Region Map Teacher can select countries Country Map is the final map

1.4. "Apply For This Job"

1.4.1. Button visible both with the reduced ‘headline’ jobs information and the full job posting

1.4.2. A teacher could apply directly for a job from the landing page

1.4.3. Can click on it, to expand and read the full details about the job.

1.5. Short yes/no questionnaire

1.5.1. Teachers will be directed to a short yes/no questionnaire based on the employees minimum requirement & desired requirements. Example, when a recruiter places a job, he can specify his minimum requirements. ie. Teachers must have 2 years full time experience. If the teacher answers 'no' to "Do you have 2 years full time experience" he will be told he does not meet the minimum requirements.

1.6. Upload feature

1.6.1. Teachers will have the option to upload 1. CV's 2. Covering Letters 3. Scanned Copy of Passport 4. Scanned Copy of Degrees & Qualifications

1.7. local currency

1.7.1. To display currency based on the location of user for payment

1.8. Recognizing recruiters location

1.8.1. To offer prompts / suggestions to speed up the add placing process.

1.9. SEO Friendly development

1.9.1. 100% SEO compatible work Please let us know if you need assistance with SEO services In-house team of SEO experts can be provided for SEO tasks

2. Purpose of the site

2.1. To display TESOL jobs around the world in an easily searchable format & allow teachers to apply for those jobs as easily and quickly as possible

2.1.1. TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

2.2. To allow recruiters / employers to advertise on the website, upload their company logo and job descriptions, pay for adverts and reach TESOL professionals as easily and quickly as possible

2.3. Site to have 2 types of users

2.3.1. Teachers

2.3.2. Employers / Recruiters

3. AIM

3.1. To target teachers from native English speaking countries

3.1.1. USA

3.1.2. Canada

3.1.3. UK

3.1.4. New Zealand

3.1.5. Australia

3.1.6. Ireland

3.2. Place them with recruiters & jobs in non-English speaking countries

3.2.1. China

3.2.2. Vietnam

3.2.3. South Korea

3.2.4. the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar)

3.2.5. South America

3.2.6. Europe

4. Teachers

4.1. Complete profile creation

4.2. Profile Management

4.3. Email notification

4.4. Query: Please explain Membership plans in detail

5. Employers / Recruiters

5.1. Complete profile creation

5.2. Profile Management

5.3. Email notification

5.4. Take payment for advertisements

5.5. Provide access to place adverts based on credit in accounts

5.6. Query: Please explain Membership plans in detail