LRJ Road Map

Here is a college planning map a high school student can use throughout their high school career.

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LRJ Road Map by Mind Map: LRJ Road Map

1. Tracking

1.1. Career Path

1.1.1. Making a Living Bridgeport More Beer

2. Extra Curricular

2.1. Caregiving MDUUC: 2004-2009

3. Academic Prep

3.1. San Diego State

3.2. DVC

3.3. Portland State University

3.4. Online Teachers

3.4.1. Pretty Simple Music Dirty Chords

4. Drumming Career

4.1. Los Lomas Jazz Band

4.2. High School Rock Band

4.3. Bitches of the Sun

5. Portland Music Networks

5.1. Portland Jazz Events 2018

5.1.1. PDZ Jazz Sponsors