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History of Champlain College by Mind Map: History of  Champlain College
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History of Champlain College


Originally found in downtown Burlington

Moved to its current hill location in 1958

Originally Burlington Collegiate Institute

Established 1878

Later became Burlington Business College

Then became a Junior College

Lastly became Champlain College, named after the famous lake


Rapidly grew, and is still growing today

In the early 1990s the first bachelor's degree programs were offered

Instituted one of the first online education programs

Set up satellite campuses abroad, as well as hosting international students

In 2002 they offered their first ever Master's Degree program


"Today, the College remains committed to the importance of innovation and discovery by offering a relevant education, a unique integration of professionally-focused programs with an interdisciplinary core curriculum, great professors with real-world experience and a passion for teaching, and an engaged campus where students can connect with each other through activities and community service."

Mission Statement

Vision Statement