Mohawk College

Created October 2014 to provide context to BrightSpace's technical team assigned to the Productivity and Innovation Fund grant. This 5-year grant partners brightspace with Mohawk College and 5 universities to explore learning outcomes assessment and optimize BrightSpace's Insights tool.

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Mohawk College by Mind Map: Mohawk College

1. Institutional Learning Outcomes (Adopted April 2013): Aligned to Essential Employability Skills

1.1. Communicator

1.1.1. Essential Employability Skill 1 (EE01-A)

1.1.2. Essential Employability Skill 2 (EE01-B)

1.2. Critical Thinker

1.2.1. Essential Employability Skill 3(EE02)

1.2.2. Essential Employability Skill 4 (EE03-A)

1.2.3. Essential Employability Skill 5 (EE03-B)

1.3. Continuous Learner

1.3.1. Essential Employability Skill 6 (EE04-A)

1.3.2. Essential Employability Skill 7 (EE04-B)

1.4. Collaborator

1.4.1. Essential Employability Skill 8 (EE05-A)

1.4.2. Essential Employability Skill 9 (EE05-B)

1.5. Responsible Citizen

1.5.1. Essential Employability Skill 10 (EE06-A)

1.5.2. Essential Employability Skill 11(EE06-B)

2. Mohawk's Themes (Aggregator of Programs)

2.1. Health

2.2. Community Services

2.3. Business

2.4. Technology

2.5. Communication Arts

2.6. Skilled Trades

2.7. Preparatory Programs

3. Program Standards (From the MTCU and used across all 24 colleges in Ontario)

3.1. Program Example: Educational Support

3.1.1. Ministry Program Standards

3.1.2. Mohawk's Program Page Program Learning Outcomes

3.1.3. Mohawk's Program of Study

3.1.4. Course Examples "Getting There" Course Outline: Common Sample Incomplete Course Outline: Common Sample Stellar Example (Still to Come)

4. Questions? Need more clarity? Contact peggy french: [email protected]

5. Sample Rubrics

5.1. Educational Support Program (used in 1 course)

5.2. Foundational Program (used in 1 course)

5.3. ePortfolio Competition (Winter 2014)

5.4. Subject Guide on Assessment with a tab on Rubrics (sample rubrics featured)

5.5. PLEA: If BrightSpace wants to build out the VALUE rubrics and share, that would be grand! It has been bumped from my "to do" list.