Issues in user adoption

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Issues in user adoption by Mind Map: Issues in user adoption

1. Multiple deployment options: google play, iTunes, homescreen

2. silos in the product, the 3 menupoints are almost like 3 separate apps, no flow between them

3. Fact: Manually convincing the FA/ EAM to buy, however even after signing the contract and invoice: no app start,

3.1. Root cause

3.1.1. crap emails

3.1.2. busy

3.1.3. IFA/EAM industry more comfortable with high-handholding IT selling and implementation (visible from typically high setup costs)

3.1.4. IT investments in IFA / EAM sector very reactionary - Push from Regulator, Accountant or Client. Only clients can push for DW, but they don't know we exist

3.1.5. Our clients are not very tech savvy. Likely not using an ipad at work

3.1.6. the first screens are of no value to an demo user (an EAM is usually the demo user)

3.1.7. do not rely on the RM or anyone else in the client org to get users on the app

3.1.8. if the roll out is painful and the benefit would be clear - people will still be signing in

3.1.9. Quantifiable business benefits (like revenue increase) might not be very evident

3.1.10. FA/EAM does not know how to invite

3.1.11. we sell RM licences to decision makers

3.1.12. i dont know what it can it do for me

3.1.13. with shopify your shop would not exist without it, we have not reached this stage. The wealth managers still think we would exist without them

3.1.14. do we really know who we are selling to?

3.1.15. Is the FA really motivated to buy our solutions

3.1.16. the app does not support the day to day sales process of the financial advisor

3.1.17. FA sees the tool as a threat

3.2. Resolution

3.2.1. good tutorial - mandatory (?)

3.2.2. meet mr dragon wealth

3.2.3. endorser

3.2.4. Quantify business benefits based on actual use cases and ability to project the revenue improvements in the sales pitch

3.2.5. Industry wide behavior change may take time and persistant strides, hence a selling model with handholidng will be needed till DW has enough traction such that everyone wants one

3.2.6. They might have signed, but no urgency to act towards clients or no understanding how to bring it to clients

3.2.7. V: ensure that through smart steps like social logins, emails etc Dragon Wealth controls and easy process

3.2.8. App notifications on new releases or when app not used for a certain amount of time

3.2.9. Alerts when their clients havelooked at particular content

3.2.10. V: design the process and roles in such a way that the RM sees the benefit of the app for him and for his clients, and also roll it out directly tp his own clients - could be manual

3.2.11. V: tune our messaging towards the various benefits groups and implement

3.2.12. digitise the current sales process of the relationship manager

3.2.13. define a way: to increase sales, (new policy or top up increase) - new clients, viral acquisition

3.2.14. improve a contributing factor towards sales: constant communication with the client certain information to clients communication to clients which you normally dont want to do

3.2.15. referral to the advisor build reputation of the relation ship manager

3.3. Demo users to not use site after a conference

3.3.1. Root cause Invite mail not read too difficult to install value of the app not clear singup for everything what's cheap getting something for free has no/little value

3.3.2. Resolutions Multiple ways to access app so app is directly installed in an event all core functions available on left nav bar Less questions to get to something valuable

4. Fact: After signing the contract, and invoice: No distribution to users

4.1. Root cause

4.1.1. website is very wealth manager focused, and probably should have a section that looks after the client. Describing what the tool is, and how it benefits them

4.1.2. Our clients are not techies. Likely no clue where to start

4.1.3. There is no tutorial to add a client and upload a portfolio

4.1.4. The people who are getting the site are Financial Advisors, not Clients or Prospects. The current app was not designed with the Financial Advisor as the core actor

4.1.5. After the MD . CEO signs the contract, the app is not distributed to RMs. Who don't distribute it to their clients, because they don't know what it is and how it works

4.1.6. There is no 'obvious in the first moment' type of incentive for the FA to add more RMs and clients

4.1.7. The RM side structure of the app doesn't match with the real life circumstances, we expect the CEO to add clients and do low level of admin tasks

4.1.8. no-one in the organisation is responsible for doing this

4.1.9. RMs have nothing that would make it interesting for them to work with their clients, and want them to sell it down to their clients

4.2. Resolution

4.2.1. processify the handholding

4.2.2. Due to Top-Down nature of the sell, the last mile administrator needs to add it to his/her "New" client process - This may require change management which includes the administrator with the business leader/manager together to get it affirmed

4.2.3. Clients like special attention. Co-organise launch event for select group of clients

4.2.4. Email template (a nice slick marketing one) for our client to send to their clients with a landing page and activation key generator

4.2.5. Client invitation functionality in IFA's app. Only for links activated for our client

4.2.6. Online video tutorial for our clients

4.2.7. Add different user types and roles to the RM side

5. Fact: Few app users: No news is clicked, no products are clicked, no 'contact RM 'is clicked

5.1. Root cause

5.1.1. i got this tool mailed by my wealth manager (1 out of 5) - so let me test this thing, and I am in 'browsing' mode

5.1.2. their might be a difference in 'wanted' user behaviour over time. and we dont anticipate that

5.1.3. Actual end-user still not on the app. But there could be potential issues which are suggested in the resolution

5.1.4. App provides me no trigger to look at stuff

5.1.5. It is difficult to find products and RM contact because at least 3 clicks are needed

5.1.6. there is nothing what would pull back an inactive user

5.2. DW does follow up calls with users

5.3. Resolutions

5.3.1. video from DW on how to use it

5.3.2. video from other users on how to use it

5.3.3. Detailed App Help accessible from the App - This be a copy of the website client/ help page in the app itself as the tour screen may be insufficient

5.3.4. In-app notifications on unread news and/or new products added

5.3.5. More dynamic tutorial. Not just 1 or 2 overlays. Highlight what the user did not see that and change that the more the clients click

5.3.6. All key items (news, products, portfolios, contact RM in the left NAV bar

5.3.7. push notifications / SMS / emails to inactive users

5.3.8. connect news / products / portfolios into one experience