Strike Zone

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Strike Zone by Mind Map: Strike Zone

1. Service packages (DBurke)

1.1. Union non-Leedo Install

1.2. Union Install

1.3. measure only

1.4. full turnkey

1.5. supply only

1.5.1. with design customer measures supply per design

1.5.2. w/o design (cab list)

2. Geography (DBurke, then TComery)

2.1. strategic accounts

2.2. 52 states

3. Market Channel

3.1. Distribution

3.1.1. MF

3.1.2. Stocking

3.1.3. Single Family (kitchen at a time)

3.2. Single Family direct

3.2.1. Greater Houston

3.2.2. The World outside of Houston

3.3. Multi Family

3.3.1. Renovation on turns complete building

3.3.2. New Construction

4. Product

4.1. Framed

4.1.1. Finishes custom/project specific standard

4.1.2. Door Styles

4.1.3. sku's

4.1.4. features

4.1.5. Q expecations

4.2. Euro

4.2.1. Finishes standard custom/project specific

4.2.2. Door Styles

4.2.3. sku's

4.2.4. features pre drill for handles

4.2.5. Q expecations

4.3. Countertops

4.3.1. Granite domestioc Q expctation off shore Q expecations

4.3.2. Marble

4.3.3. Solid Surface

4.3.4. Quartz

4.3.5. Laminates

4.4. Complimentary product

4.4.1. Tables pass through refer to supplier not offered?

4.4.2. Decorative hardware Standard Leedo Customer specifc

4.4.3. sinks

4.4.4. sink holes (Ctop)

5. individual customers

5.1. "Do not bid individuals"

5.1.1. not realistic

5.2. "Do not bid companies"

5.2.1. governed by pipeline (standard process)

5.2.2. not governed by pipeline (distributors)

6. Project Characteristics MF (Team discussion)

6.1. for sale

6.1.1. < $300k sales price

6.1.2. > $300K sales price

6.2. for rent

6.2.1. need detailed sample approval

6.2.2. use specification and terms document for qualification and approval

6.3. typicals to unit ratio

6.3.1. high ratio requires fee for design & PM review > 20 typicals

6.4. site logistics

6.4.1. > 4 floors requires hoisting / needs to be inlcuded in bid

6.4.2. < 4 floors

6.5. number of units

6.5.1. <=48 minimum requires approval

6.5.2. > 48 units approved

6.6. common areas

6.6.1. Garden Style need to account for IS cost (advance install)

6.6.2. Mid/High Rise Back of House Front of House incl RR

6.7. mock up units

6.7.1. customer pays

6.7.2. customer doesn't pay bid inclusion optional

6.7.3. execute mock up with the complete specs (e.g. light rail, drw box)

6.8. timing

6.8.1. pace of work renovation on turns full building New Construction volume/pace continuity park for later revisit

6.8.2. start dates w/ granite < 120 days > 120 days reference Project Mgmt doc w/o granite < 10 weeks > 10 weeks reference Project Mgmt doc

6.9. Granite: Do we start with domestic granite and finish with off shore?

6.9.1. clubhouse

6.9.2. units

6.9.3. mock up Leedo supplies Granite Leedo does not supply Granite

6.10. contract materials

6.10.1. not in bid program

6.11. decorative hardware

6.11.1. not in bid program

6.11.2. Leedo standard

6.12. functional hardware

6.12.1. not in bid program

7. Contract terms (comes from other group)

7.1. "per plans and specs" vs. Leedo Spec

7.2. contract addendum (from total agreement team)

7.3. terms of doing buisness comes from another group

8. creating Strike Zone document

8.1. immediate/tactical

8.1.1. Strike Zone manual (Achim Burgardt) - first version done Nov 14 Product Primers (Nov 14) Framed Frameless Laminate tops Granite tops bid program short term: modify based on strike zone (Nov 14) long term: modifications based on action plan (Jan 31) incorporate Service map (Nov 14) post sale time line / stage gates (Nov 14) mind map (or screen shots of it) (Nov 14) short statement (Nov 14)

8.1.2. Training & Tests (Tom Comery) Dec 31 framed: review what Foxford did Euro: develop new Lam/Granite tops: develop new

8.1.3. Policy (Tom Comery & functional leaders) Deviation approvers (functional leaders) Timeline (Sales Admin) Product (ProdMgmt) Geography (IS) Service Package (IS) Audit Plan (Tom Comery) first delivery verification Bid/Estimate errors long lead time identified at time of sales Sold within Strike Zone or wih approval for deviation project was sold with standard lead times

8.1.4. ongoing Strike Zone team (Achim Burgardt) SC Sales Product IS MFG meet monthly face to face meet weekly phone

8.2. long term /strategic

8.2.1. what document do we develop long term?