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Immigration by Mind Map: Immigration

1. Results of the Civil War

1.1. Freedom of enslaved people

1.2. Centralized Federal Government

1.3. Territory divided in 35 states

1.4. Over 600,000 deaths

1.5. Amendments made it possible to punish and ostracize African-Americans in a “legal” manner.

1.6. 3 amendments encouraging equality: slavery outlawed, citizenship for everyone and right to vote.

2. End of the Civil War

2.1. April 9th, 1865

2.1.1. Project specifications

2.1.2. End User requirements

2.1.3. Action points sign-off

2.2. General Robert E. Lee surrendered

2.2.1. Define actions as necessary

2.3. President Abraham Lincoln dies. Vice President Andrew Johnson assumes the presidency.

2.4. The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, is finally ratified. Slavery is abolished.

3. Development of the Civil War

3.1. South block pretended to be independent territory

3.2. Fort Sumter Battle -1861

3.3. The tide of war turns against the South as the Confederates are defeated at the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania -1863.

3.4. The last offensive for Lee's Army of Northern Virginia begins with an attack on the center of Grant's forces at Petersburg.

3.5. Battles: Wilderness (May 5-6), Spotsylvania (May 8-12), Cold Harbor (June 1-3).

4. Political System

4.1. State Autonomy

4.1.1. Materials

4.1.2. Personel

4.1.3. Services

4.1.4. Duration

4.2. Republicanism

4.3. Limited Government

4.4. Bills of Rights

5. Beginning of the Civil War

5.1. Lincoln is elected President

5.1.1. South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas secedes.

5.1.2. Territory gets officially divided into south and north.

5.2. South wanted slaves

5.2.1. Schedule

5.2.2. Budget

5.3. North wanted freedom for the slaves

5.3.1. KPI's

6. Immigration

6.1. 13 colonies. English poor people came as indentured servants

6.2. Jamestown.- English businesses, government

6.3. New England Colonies: Separartists (Pilgrims) running away from the Church.

6.4. Southern Colonies.- King Charles II and friends