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Cryonics AP by Mind Map: Cryonics AP

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6. Getting started

6.1. Main Objections and misconseptions

6.1.1. Seven Silly Superstitions About Cryonics Trusts - h+ Media

6.1.2. Cryonics trusts are a new idea — no one has thought of this or worked out this idea before.

6.1.3. Cryonics trusts are only for the wealthy and megawealthy

6.1.4. Cryonics trusts are outlandishly expensive to set up and maintain.

6.1.5. “Rules against perpetuities” are a major problem for cryonics trusts

6.1.6. Cryonics trusts won’t work because dead people have no rights.

6.1.7. There is no difference between having a cryonics trust vs. having a comprehensive estate plan

6.1.8. My cryonics organization, friends, and rich people in the future will take care of me, and mature nanotech means that money will no longer be needed.

6.2. Law firm that actually do a cryonics and Dynasty trusts

6.2.1. Old Cryo PAM Like Ken Weiss Rudi Hoffman Ben Best Bruce Waugh is an independent futures systems trader whose trading falls into the managed futures category. Reason Cryonics and Economic Incentives APR Group Fourth Asset Preservation Group meeting Cairn Idun CryoNet_AP

6.2.2. Libraries Asset Preservation Submit a Paper in the Library The Cryonics Society: Contact Page For Further Cryonics Information

6.2.3. Where to take Cryonics People Database

6.2.4. TRUSTS EXAMPLES LEF Trust for T2 Irrevocable Family Fortress Dynasty Trust - Legal Services - Durfee Law Cryonic Suspension Trust: The Ultimate Estate Freeze - Durfee Law

6.3. Events

6.3.1. TT'11 Cairn Idun – Evidence-Based Cryonics

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6.8. Ethics of Cryonics

6.8.1. Links Cryonics debate: 'Many scientists are afraid to hurt their careers' Freezing critique: privileged views and cryonics | Practical Ethics

6.8.2. Ethics is manipulative Ethics is an evaluation for the third persons, for them. Ethics deny personal choice, first person Ethics avoids 2-nd person, i want to decide ir deside for you

6.9. Orgs

6.9.1. National Property Preservation Conference 2018 Home