Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree?

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Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree? by Mind Map: Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree?

1. Yes, it is realistic

1.1. There are good things and bad things happening.

1.1.1. Wing loses in touch with his close friends. Sham Audrey

1.1.2. "Good things come to good people". This is shown to be not always true. Despite being a good and polite person, both of Wing's relationships does not work out.

1.2. Wing goes through a typical Singapore teenger boy's life.

1.2.1. NS

1.2.2. School

1.3. Wing also experiences problems in his life.

1.3.1. Boy-girl relationship problems Chloe Highlights the social identity problems in Singapore May Ling Highlights the saying that goes "So close, yet so far."

1.3.2. Friendship problems His friendship drifting apart from Sham and Audrey when Wing started dating.

1.4. Analysis

1.4.1. There is a use of conflicts between the characters, in Wing's life which ends up as a tragedy. This is to show how the issues reveal themselves slowly and not to sugarcoat anything.

1.4.2. Portrays the trials and tribulations a typical Singaporean teenager needs to go through. It is to show that life is never a bed of roses and there is always a tougher side.

1.4.3. It is realistic as it also highlights the social standing problems we have in S'pore. In Chloe and Wing's relationship, Chloe could not understand Wing and Wing also could not understand Chloe. The problem was highlighted when Chloe got angry about stepping on some HDB carpark concrete slabs. She has shown that she cannot fit in to Wing's type of life. She prefers to be living in a bungelow and be a rich "tai tai."

1.5. Example

1.5.1. Wing has to go through NS, in which all Singaporean men 18 years old and above have to go through. Wing is just like any other typical guy who has to go through NS.

1.5.2. The Boy-Girl relationship problems that Wing and Chloe have. E.g. When Chloe drives Wing home, Chloe step on some of the HDB carpark concrete slabs. Chloe got so mad and started complaining about HDB flats. In the end, they broke up after that night.

1.5.3. Life is not always predictable. Wing has thoughts that his father has died many years ago and has accepted it. But, it turns out that his Fifth Uncle maybe his dad.

1.6. Joshua's life.

1.6.1. During NS, Joshua struggled with some financial problems.

1.6.2. Highlights the problem in Singapore of being not able to break out from the arts side.

1.7. Analysis of Joshua's life

1.7.1. During NS, Joshua had to work at night just to be able to live on. It was difficult for Joshua as he needs to tackle both NS and his night job.

1.7.2. This highlights the problem in Singapore of not being able to show the creative side of Singapore. This shows that Singapore is a rigid and strict society. Everyone must subject to authority to do something. There is no freedom in Singapore. We have to do everything that the government says and not having a say in whatever we do. It really shows how hard it is to do something creative in Singapore

1.8. Examples of Joshua's life

1.8.1. Joshua have to have a night job.

1.8.2. Joshua is not able to play his favourite due to his boss unconsentment.

1.9. Link

1.9.1. In Wing's life, he has so many problems which a typical Singapore teenager will experience. Thus, it is realistic.

1.9.2. In Joshua's life, it highlights certain problems that Singaporeans go through. Thus, it is also realistic.

2. No, it is not realistic

2.1. Wing is unusually quiet.

2.1.1. Wing keeps his thoughts to himself, his emotions suppressed

2.1.2. His friends need to figure out what is he thinking at times.

2.2. Analysis

2.2.1. Not everyone in Singapore would have a girlfriend by then.

2.2.2. Wing's failed relationships is due to the fact that he is too introvert.

2.2.3. Not everyone in Singapore would have a girlfriend at that age and would not have to put into NS, not everyone is able to go through what Wing had gone through. Thus it is unrealistic.

2.2.4. Wing's negative reaction towards his failed relationships was due to his introvert and quiet nature. He was not able to look forward and move to better and greater things. Instead, Wing kept on looking back at his past failed relationships, that explains why he became so guilty and sad. He was not able to analyse what he has done wrong and improve on it. If it's another guy who has gone through it, he could have a more positive reaction towards it.

2.3. Examples

2.3.1. Wing's failed relationships Audrey Chloe May Ling

2.4. Link

2.4.1. Due to Wing's introvert and quiet character, and that is what led to Wing's tragedy. Not everyone is able to relate to what Wing has gone through. Therefore, it is not a realistic.

2.4.2. As an individual thoughts and emotions could be subjected to his/her behaviour and character, therefore Heartland is not a realistic portrayal.

3. Key words & ideas

3.1. realistic portrayal

3.1.1. definition realistic: given to the representation of things as they really are. portrayal: depicting or representing

3.2. search for identity

3.2.1. A phrase that every teenager needs to go though. It is sometimes hard and confusing as teenagers may go to the wrong places to look for it. He/She may never find his/her true identity.

3.3. Singaporean

3.3.1. This only targets Singaporeans, people who lives in Singapore. Giving the people here a sense of belonging and an identity.