Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree?

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Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree? by Mind Map: Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree?

1. Wing pays too much attention to meaningless things around him.

1.1. He has such great attention and yet he does not seem to know how to deal with his life and relationships nor does he care about people around him.

1.1.1. Usually, people are not as specific and insightful as Wing when it comes to describing events.

2. No, it is not realistic

2.1. written based on 1990s

2.1.1. Boys in 1990s Hope to be able to support family Contented with leading simple lives As a result, the values and mindsets are completely irrelevant. Because there is a drastic difference between the past and present.

2.1.2. Boys in 2000s Hope to be successful,rich Have big dreams

2.2. Wing's life is too complicated to be true

2.2.1. Wing comes to a lot of bad luck in his life and search for identity . He has many problems in his relationships and doesn't have much supporting friends or longlasting relationships. Even his mother does not really understand him . His life seems to only get worser. Not very realistic because Wing's life is portrayed to be extremly difficult.

2.3. No Singaporean boy would go to Wing's extent to search for his identity although Heartland is a possible path.

2.4. Although most of the parts seem to apply to us, the story is written in Daren Shiau's view and suggestions to the readers , thus it is not 100% true nor is it very reliable

2.5. Hardly anyone is as nostalgic as Wing.

2.5.1. No Singaporean boy would remember so much events about his past . Wing can remember the past so vividly yet he can't even remember important things like who his father was and that he had two birth certificates. People usually do not have as good memory as Wing when it comes to recalling past events, thus this comes in as a point of doubt on whether the information provided is an accurate account.

3. Key words & ideas

3.1. Realistic Portrayal

3.1.1. definition realistic: given to the representation of things as they really are. portrayal: depicting or representing

3.2. Search For Identity

3.3. Singaporean

3.3.1. Being born in Singapore as a citizen Should and ought to have a certain pride towards the country and to know about one's culture and roots.

4. Yes, it is realistic

4.1. Wing has the life of a typical singaporean boy

4.1.1. same problems Academics Not everyone does well in school nor have good grades . Relationships Some people like Wing are introverted by nature or bad at handling relationships and thus do not have good relationships with their friends , families and girlfriends ,boyfriends. NS (National Service) Wing and the other recruits do not recognise the island which Krisnan pointed to them. This reflects on how little Singaporeans know of their country , this scenario might still happen in this modern age when we Singaporeans are not even able to identify our own country and some do not develop the identity and loyalty that we ought to have as Singaporeans.

4.1.2. STATUS Not everyone has a complete family Some people do not know their ancesters and thus search for identity like Wing who doesnt know who his father is and does not know what future he wants .