American Revolution

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American Revolution by Mind Map: American Revolution

1. The winter at Valley Forge

1.1. When?

1.1.1. In the Harsh Winter of 1777

1.2. So What Happened

1.2.1. Nearly 2000 men died while they were encamped due to many diseases such as influenza, dysentery, etc....

2. Surrender at Yorktown

2.1. Who?

2.1.1. Great Britain, the Americans, and the French

2.2. Why the British couldn't escape surrender

2.2.1. During the week of September 5 - 9 1781, the French surprised the British fleet at the mouth of the Chesapeake forcing the British navy to retreat to New York, leaving General Cornwallis stranded. After a 5 day bombardment the Americans and France attacked Cornwallis on October 14 leaving him no choice but to surrender.

3. D.O.I Issued

3.1. When?

3.1.1. Signed July 4th, 1776

3.2. People involved?

3.2.1. A total of 56 people signed the D.O.I on the date above.

3.3. Why?

3.3.1. The D.O.I was issued to break away the colonies from the other countries so they can be on their own and not follow the rules of the king.

4. Timing of Trenton

4.1. When?

4.1.1. December 26, 1776 at around 8:00ish in the morning

4.2. Whats Important

4.2.1. It was George Washington's first move on a secret attack against the Hessian forces in Trenton, New York

5. France and Spain join the war

5.1. Why?

5.1.1. The French hated the British with passion and wanted to get back at them and Spain joined awhile after the French because they wanted to keep the areas in North America they already owned.

5.2. Impact?

5.2.1. The impact was French and Spain helped us win the war.