Writing Strategies

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Writing Strategies by Mind Map: Writing Strategies

1. Drafting, and Revising

1.1. Check for plagiarism

2. Drafting, and Revising

2.1. Developing Ideas

2.2. Organizing

2.3. Choosing Effective Words

2.4. Expressing Voice

3. Using an Online Outline

3.1. WorkFlowy

4. Pre-writing

4.1. Setting a Purpose

4.1.1. Why am I writing this?

4.1.2. Setting a purpose guides the writer. Persuade Inform Entertain

4.1.3. Is my topic narrow enough?

4.1.4. What writing format will I use?

4.1.5. How will I organize my writing?

4.1.6. What style will I use?

4.2. Creating Ideas

4.2.1. Are my details original?

4.2.2. Is my topic narrow and manageable?

4.2.3. Are my details accurate?

4.2.4. Have I considered my audience?

5. Using Text to Speech

6. Graphic Organizers

6.1. Chain of Events

6.2. Cycle Chart

6.3. Looking at Both Sides of an Issue

6.4. Sequence Ladder

6.5. Venn Diagram

6.6. Writing Baseball Diamond

6.7. Writing Sandwich

6.8. Writing Web

7. Using speech to text Via Google Docs