Effective and Ineffective Production

lewis j
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Effective and Ineffective Production by Mind Map: Effective and Ineffective Production

1. Effective

1.1. Balanced narrative

1.2. Range of Actors

1.3. Range of Locations

1.4. Tension needed

1.5. Intriguing needed

1.6. shooting material appropriate to the task

1.7. controlled camera work

1.8. attention to framing

1.9. detailed attention to mise-en scene

1.10. appropriate use of shot transitions, captions and other effects.

1.11. appropriate use of ICT

1.12. variety of fonts and text sizes

2. Ineffective

2.1. the use of stalkers, hoodies and knives

2.2. short trailer

2.3. too much narrative

2.4. little footage

2.5. use of replica props in public places

2.6. use of institutional idents