Young Adult Needs in the CU Industry

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Young Adult Needs in the CU Industry by Mind Map: Young Adult Needs in the CU Industry

1. Low-cost, low-maintenance face-to-face interaction

1.1. Monthly localized meetups in key locations across the country.

1.1.1. "Planted" and organized by Brent for the first 3 meetings, then the baton is passed.

1.1.2. Meetings take place in the morning at a coffee shop, or in a sponsor CU's conference room.

1.1.3. Each meetup includes a short session with a "conversation leader," followed by open chatter

1.1.4. Occasionally, the groups will spend the day or morning with a "host" company from outside the industry - local ad agencies, financial startups, cooperatives, etc.

2. Mentorships with industry veterans

2.1. Formalized mentorship program and platform

2.1.1. Start small, manually selecting ten young CU professionals who are looking for mentorships. We will place them with ten willing industry leaders.

3. A way to share ideas, vent, and learn from each other in their day-to-day

3.1. Closed, invite-only collaboration network for young professionals

3.1.1. Will only be open to members of league young professional councils and Crashers

3.1.2. The community will have a primary community manager (Brent) - responsible for guiding and maintaining momentum in the community (facilitating conversation, answering questions, running contests and challenges, etc)

3.1.3. Possible sections: Messages, Groups, Etc Wiki Community Manager (Brent) processes conversations from the network and organizes them into mini topical reports on the wiki. Community Manager (Brent) invites a small group of editors to help process, structure, and maintain the integrity of the wiki. Opportunities A list of opportunities for deeper involvement. For example: WOCCU's cultural immersion program or NCUF's Development Education. Individual blogs for each association or subset (i.e. "Crash the GAC 2010" or "CUANY YP Commission") Links & Inspiration from across the web