My Academic Career

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My Academic Career by Mind Map: My Academic Career

1. Super Senior Year

1.1. Continue taking LSTAT exams

1.2. Apply for graduation


1.4. Finalize post-grad school

2. Freshman Year

2.1. Good Grades

2.2. Made Connections

2.2.1. Professor Donaldson Brownsville Project

2.3. Applied for Honors Program

2.3.1. Got in!

2.4. Realized I needed to get more involved in the school...

2.5. Questioned my major???

2.5.1. Had an interest in teaching

2.5.2. considered transferring colleges

2.6. Switched my minor three times...

2.6.1. criminology

2.6.2. writing

2.6.3. English

2.6.4. Had to drop all three.....

3. Sophomore Year

3.1. Applied for Siegel Fellowship

3.1.1. First Inaugural Class

3.1.2. CONNECTION for applying to Ph.D programs

3.2. Applied to the BA/MA Program

3.2.1. Accepted into the Forensic Psych program

3.2.2. CONNECTION for study abroad

3.3. Applied to be an RA in Dr. Glasford's lab

3.3.1. Inspire Lab Focuses on stereotyping and prejudice in society

3.3.2. CONNECTION for letters of rec.

3.3.3. EXPERIENCE needed for grad school

3.4. Joined Habitats for Humanity

3.4.1. *never went to the meetings -> dropped out at the end of the semester


3.5.1. Became a liason

3.5.2. Administrative Director

3.6. Assistant to the Chair of Sociology

3.6.1. CONNECTION letters of rec.

3.6.2. Student editor of the Newsletter

3.7. Initiated into Phi Eta Sigma

3.7.1. Opportunities for scholarships

3.7.2. Plan to run for one of the office positions

3.8. Declared English as a double major

4. Junior Year

4.1. Peer Mentor/Teaching Assistant

4.1.1. CONNECTION letter of rec.

4.1.2. Scholarship

4.1.3. EXPERIENCE for leadership qualities

4.2. Applied to Dr. Kovera's Research Lab

4.2.1. CONNECTION letter of rec.

4.2.2. Research more focused on my future career

4.2.3. eye witness testimony, jury selection, issues with jury decisions

4.3. Had to drop my English major

4.4. Applied to the Paula Howell Fellowship

4.4.1. Still waiting....

4.5. Begin basic prepping for law school

4.6. Start studying for GRE??

4.7. Begin developing personal statement

5. Senior Year

5.1. Start internship through Siegel

5.2. Start developing ideas for research

5.3. Sign up for GRE??

5.4. Begin Capstone for Honors!!

5.4.1. Meet with Dr. Byrne

5.5. Start studying for LSTAT

5.5.1. Take test by end of year

5.6. Begin applying for law schools

5.6.1. Forensic Psych and Law Dual degrees Cornell School of Law University of Nebraska Lincoln Simon Fraiser University University of California, Irvine University of Arizona Drexel University