Bullying and Students with Disabilities

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Bullying and Students with Disabilities by Mind Map: Bullying and Students with Disabilities

1. Preventing and Handling Bullying as a Teacher

1.1. Pay sharp attention to detail

1.2. Take immediate action to bullying

1.2.1. Try to identify the causes of bullying

1.3. Enforce a school policy of proper communication with others

1.4. Have a ZERO TOLERANCE on any form of bullying

2. Effects of Bullying

2.1. Harms emotional safety

2.2. May associate school with bullying

2.2.1. Loses interest in academics

2.2.2. Causes more absences

2.2.3. Lower grades

2.2.4. Higher dropout rates

3. Types of Bullying

3.1. Verbal

3.1.1. How's it like riding the short bus?

3.1.2. Non-sensitive use of language You're retarded She's a cripple Any phrases that emphasize a person's disability

3.2. Physical

3.2.1. Any unwanted contact between two people

4. Why students with disabilities?

4.1. Easier target for bullies

4.1.1. May have different appearance

4.1.2. May be more socially isolated than others

4.1.3. May be less likely to defend themselves

4.1.4. Limited opportunities to engage and understand students with disabilities

5. 60% of students with disabilities are bullied regularly!