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Alums by Mind Map: Alums

1. Meant for:

1.1. High Schools

1.2. Primary Schools

1.3. Universities/colleges

2. Pilot with:

2.1. FSK

2.2. MHS

3. Features

3.1. Registration

3.1.1. Legitimacy alumnus? Admin to post a few basic Qs for new sign-ups

3.1.2. Legitimacy of the school page? calling/emailing endorsement by members have verified pages

3.1.3. How do we avoid duplication of pages? what's the cost of duplication? is it possible to migrate members to a legit page? auto-suggest while creating the pages

3.1.4. Entities Pages Page admins moderators Members alumni associates* teachers/staff half-alumni? school reps

3.2. Discussions/Forums

3.3. Causes/Projects

3.3.1. contributions online payment gateway integration

3.3.2. examples: needy students, books, building, etc.

3.4. Direct Messaging

3.5. Mass messaging (by admins)

3.6. News Updates

3.7. Events

3.8. Notifications

3.8.1. emails

3.8.2. push notifications (native mobile)

3.8.3. SMS (premium)

3.9. Sub-domain for the schools

3.10. Mapping to custom domain

3.11. mentorship

3.12. profiling activities of the members

3.12.1. apply gamification like in Stackoverflow?

4. Problem being solved?

4.1. Connecticting schools with their alumni

4.2. Alumni connecting with each other

4.3. Schools knowing where their alumni are / doing (profession) e.g. 50 engineers, etc...

4.4. Alumni following up with what's going on in the school

4.4.1. performance

4.4.2. news

4.4.3. new teachers, transfers, etc.

4.5. Alumni knowing where they could help (school's need)

4.6. Connecticting schools (orgs) with their alumni

5. Core Platform (RESTful API)

5.1. serving

5.1.1. Web (PC/Mobile)

5.1.2. Native Mobile* Start with Android

5.1.3. Cross-platform Mobile (PhoneGap)*

5.2. Build with CI

5.2.1. Pros Familiarity Light-weight opportunity to discover limitation and improve our SE skills extensible

5.2.2. Cons

6. Revenue Generation Model

6.1. Subscritpion

6.1.1. Freemium

6.1.2. Premium Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

7. Engine of Growth?