Media Essay

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Media Essay by Mind Map: Media Essay

1. How the Media communicates with the public

1.1. Commercials

1.1.1. Television

1.1.2. Youtube

1.2. Advertisements

1.2.1. Magazines

1.2.2. Newspapers

1.2.3. Placements in TV shows and movies

1.3. Social Media

1.3.1. Twitter

1.3.2. Facebook

1.3.3. Instagram

2. Stereotypes the Media perpetuates

2.1. Racism

2.2. Rape Culture

2.3. Gender Roles

3. Ways the media portrays these stereotypes

3.1. "The Black Best Friend"

3.2. Advertisements and clothing women wear. Victim blaming and "slut shaming."

3.3. Men are the breadwinners and women stay at home with the children