Web Awareness

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Web Awareness by Mind Map: Web Awareness

1. Respect Yourself

1.1. Sexually Explicit Content

1.1.1. Sending

1.1.2. Teaching Strategies Teach effective search skills educate on digital presence Open dialogue

1.1.3. Recieving

1.2. Social Media

1.2.1. Body Image/Self Worth fake profiles sexuality

1.2.2. Privacy Issues

1.2.3. Teaching Strategies. Educate on appropriate content to post online Use case studies to examine fake profiles Encourage open dialogue

2. Respect Others

2.1. Bullying

2.1.1. Preventing

2.1.2. Digital Etiquette

2.2. Privacy

2.2.1. Ask permission

2.2.2. Communicate

2.3. Communication

2.3.1. Think before you type

2.3.2. Polite

3. Respect Intellectual Property

3.1. Piracy

3.1.1. Illegal Downloads Breaking the law Someone else's material Teaching Educate on Canada's Law Provide resources Viruses

3.2. Citing

3.2.1. Citation Guides provide resources for students

3.2.2. Why is it necessary? "Stealing materials"

3.2.3. Canada's Copyright Laws

4. General Idea

4.1. Be respectful

4.2. Nothing is private

4.3. Education is Key

4.3.1. Teachers=Critical

4.4. Be Aware