Stuck - Canopy Climbers

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Stuck - Canopy Climbers by Mind Map: Stuck - Canopy Climbers

1. The genre that we were mostly interested in was 'Indie'. However from research we found out that our song was 'Indie Rock' as there is a band behind the lead singer.

1.1. Teaching Plan

1.1.1. Lessons for beginning students

1.1.2. Lessons for advanced students

1.2. Student progress tracking

1.2.1. Monthly goals

1.2.2. Quarterly goals

2. Most importantly the rhythm and tempo of the song has to appeal to us. In this case, we liked this song because it has a catchy beat and we thought that it would keep our audience entertained.

2.1. Equipment

2.1.1. Hardware

2.1.2. Software

2.1.3. Instruments

2.2. Learning and Teaching Materials

3. Why this song?

3.1. Optimize

3.1.1. Engagement specific checklist

3.1.2. Backup recording projects

4. Lastly, the song itself follows the indie genre conventions of lyrically telling a story whether its about love, hate, depression which matches with our own visual ideas.

4.1. Chords

4.1.1. Modes

4.1.2. Variants

4.2. Arrangement Techiques

4.2.1. Structures

4.2.2. Phrasing

4.3. Playing Techniques

4.3.1. Fingerings

4.3.2. Chord Sturctures

4.3.3. Phrasing Structures

4.4. Lyrics

5. Our Ideas for the video just automatically suited and linked with lyrics as we wanted to portray the outcome of a downhill relationship.

5.1. Serial Numbers

5.1.1. Warranty Limits

5.2. Insurance Information

6. We chose this song because we felt that our theme of the video that we want to present is a depressing yet uplifting scenario. Also the artists are an individual group and are not signed to anyone therefore making it easier for us to visualise our own setting, location, costume and concept just by listening to the song.

6.1. Songs mastered

6.2. Songs to learn

6.3. Planned program