Film Opening Synopsis

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Film Opening Synopsis by Mind Map: Film Opening Synopsis

1. Locations

1.1. My House

1.1.1. bedroom Showing the character is living in a normal house to any one else, nothing unrealistic

1.2. Alley way

1.2.1. The confined space of the alley way creating a feel of isolation on the character

2. Plot

2.1. Life of a Criminal

2.1.1. You start the film on the day

2.1.2. Of a criminal about to start his next job, waking up in the morning etc.

2.1.3. But there's another bane to the society other than you, and it's not human

3. Characters

3.1. Victim/Criminal

3.1.1. Dark clothing

3.1.2. Black gloves

3.1.3. Balaclava

3.1.4. ^ Typical attire worn by a criminal

3.2. Monster not seen

4. Diegesis

4.1. Eriee music

4.1.1. (Non-Diegetic)

4.2. The sound of the monster

4.2.1. Can be heard by the Victim Upon hearing the sounds of the monster the character begins to run and pant showing his fear.

4.3. Heavy breathing from character

4.4. Heavy foot steps as he runs away

5. Editing

5.1. Starts off slow paced

5.2. cuts get quicker once "Monster" comes in

6. Cinematography

6.1. High angle shots of point of view from "killer"

6.2. Close-up of fear on the Victim's face

6.3. POV Shot

6.4. Long/medium shot

6.5. High/low angle

7. Setting

7.1. Present day

8. Horror Genre

9. Props

9.1. Balaclava

9.1.1. Worn by the Criminal in the opening of the film

9.2. Weapon

9.2.1. Wielded by the Criminal also