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Social Networking by Mind Map: Social Networking

1. Twitter is essential in getting our word. It is very easy for fans and potential fans to hear the work of the artist and follow the artist to hear about future work. Also, through retweeting and favouring tweets, it also promotes our performer to other and enables growth of the performer. For the modern day, it will be easier to get our word across.

2. We will have our own website as an independent artist as it will allow fans to directly contact the performer and buy their merchandise as that's another way for the performer to make money.

3. Twitter:

4. As we have decided to be represented by our own independent record label, social networking is very important in spreading our work, getting our songs out there and filming a fan base.

5. Our twitter is @set5group22. I have made it also as a precaution to ensure to college knows where we are but also to promote our artist.

6. We will also make the performer an Instagram.

7. Facebook

8. Tumblr - This social networking site is essential for our target audience as well as many fans of indie and alternative music use this network so it would be perfect to promote our work.