Sound by Lizzy Bronson

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Sound by Lizzy Bronson by Mind Map: Sound by Lizzy Bronson

1. Microphones

1.1. Bidirectional microphone-picks up sound from two opposite directions

1.2. Boom microphone- a directional mic that is placed on a boom and positioned just out of a camera

1.3. lavaliere microphone-small microphone designed to pick up speech from one person

1.4. mounted microphone-attatched to a stand or boom

1.5. omnidirectional microphone- microphone that captures equally from all directions

1.6. wireless microphone- microphone not physically connected to a camera or recording equipment

2. Measurements of sound

2.1. Kilohertz- one thousand hertz that measures sampling rate

2.2. sampling rate- the number of samples taken per second when sound is recorded; currently measured in kilohertz

3. Types of sound

3.1. MIDI- musical instrument digital interface- format for recording music in digital synthesizers

3.2. aif- an uncompressed file format used by mac

3.3. mono-an audio signal that is mixed together and routed through a single channel

3.4. mp3- mpeg3 is the current audio format for exchanging audio files over the internet

3.5. mp4- mpeg4 compressed file format that can be used for audio or video

3.6. silence- the absence of sound in a production

3.7. sound effects- sounds other than audio or speech that are enhanced or artificially created

3.8. speech- an example of audio that can include voice overlay, dialogue or direct address

3.9. signal- an audio signal divided into two separate channels, played back simultaneously via separate speakers

3.10. WAV- uncompressed audio format for windows

3.11. WMA- windows media audio- compressed audio format originally designed for windows media player

4. Sound General Terms

4.1. Audio- audible content in production and publishing

4.2. Bit rate- the number of bits per second processed when sampling sound

4.3. Key Frame- a frame in a timeline in which a change will occur

4.4. mixing- the process by which sounds are combined

4.5. original work- a distinctive peice created by an author or artist

4.6. ripping- the process of digitally extracting audio from cd's to a hard drive

4.7. streaming- playing audio or video immediately as it is downloaded from the internet