Circulatory System

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Circulatory System by Mind Map: Circulatory System

1. Organs

1.1. Heart

1.1.1. A muscular organ that pumps continuously to supply oxygenated blood and blood rich in digested food to other parts of the body, while pumping blood rich in carbon dioxide to the lungs to be exhaled,and blood containing waste materials to the kidney to be removed from the body.

1.2. Blood Vessels

1.2.1. Tubes that contain blood to carry materials throughout the body like waste materials and oxygen.

1.2.2. Include Veins Usually carrying blood more rich in carbon dioxide compared to Arteries. Arteries Usually carrying blood more rich in oxygen than compared to Veins. Cappilaries Blood vessels with thin walls that transport materials to and fro from the heart and the lungs and in the small intestine.

1.3. Blood

1.3.1. a liquid that carries material throughout the body

1.3.2. Contains Red Blood cells Cells without a nucleus that is produced by the bone marrow.It carries oxygen throughout the body. White Blood cells A cell in the bloodstream that fends of like viruses and bacteria by consuming them. Platelets Something in the blood that helps in the clotting of blood,preventing infections. Plasma A liquid that holds the red blood cells,white blood cells and platelets together which also transports most of the materials

2. Functions

2.1. The system that works with the respiratory system,digestive system and renal system to make sure the body is alive.

2.1.1. Renal System: A system consisting of the kidneys,bladder and the urethra which function is to remove harmful toxins in the body.

2.2. Part of the immune system(White Blood Cells)to aid in killing harmful pathogens.

2.2.1. Pathogen: Any microscopic living thing that can be either harmful or helpful;especially viruses and bacteria