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Kindle 2 by Mind Map: Kindle 2
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Kindle 2

Environmentally Friendly

saves trees

reduces CO2 emissions

users have a sense of benevolence


great for travel

Pools (no pages that get wet and soggy)


keeps all ages entertained

perfect for people with 'on the go lifestyles'

Global Inernet Connection

allows you to purchase and download books in 60 seconds

free access to wikipedia

no monthly subscription fee

Large Selection

best sellers and new releases availible for only $9.99

over 450,000 titles availible

not limited

almost everything you want/ need

over 1.8 million free books that areout-of copyright pre-1923


a smart alternative to handheld games (PSP, Gameboy)

good for elderly people who want to keep their mind sharp but may not be able to get to a library

also easy for elderly people with arthritus who may not be able to manipulate pages

with so many titles (especially the 1.8 million free books) it is easy to find new things to learn about and research

good for school projests

easier then going to the library or through endless databases, more volumes than a library availible for download in the palms of your hands, convenient

sleek design encourages image that reading is cool

Sleek Design

10.2 ounces

the weight of a typical paperback

lightweigt, easy to bring anywhere

the smart screen

6 inches

no backlight, not an LED screen

16 shades of grey makes it read like print

can be read in direct sunlight


about 1/3 of an inch thick

the thickness of typical magazines

easy to slip into a handbag, briefcase or backpack

modern face and keyboard


many people believe it is the new way we will all be reading books soon

students feel textbooks are soon going this direction

they are for it if it saves them money

in keeping with the recent uprising of the green movement these past five years

a sign of times

good and bad, many pros but there is nothing like holding and smelling a physical printed page in your hand, whether old or new

some believe printed books will gain a similar appreciation to that of vinyl records

Read-to-Me Feature: a kindle will read to you

appropriate while driving

especially if your car has an audio transmitter

good for long commutes/ roadtrips

listen to a book while worken out at the gym

more productive then watching a silly tv show or listening to the same workout mix for the 100th time

a good feature for the visually impared

a nice relief if your eyes start to hurt