Bootcamp Group on training and education

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Bootcamp Group on training and education by Mind Map: Bootcamp Group on training and education

1. Problems and themes

1.1. Studying on subjects like chemistry, maths

1.1.1. Less number of students

1.2. Communication with students

1.3. Communication between teachers

1.4. Pressure of time, regardless of the quality

1.5. High expectation from parents, employers

1.6. Organisation of the process

1.6.1. Bureaucracy

1.7. Lack of motivation, students seem not want to learn at all, too busy

1.8. Lack of trust on skills

1.9. Lack of an innovative training approach

1.10. Learning techniques not always used

1.10.1. Moodle as a platform

1.11. Limited funding on equipment

1.12. Advertising and commercial actions

1.13. Underpayment

2. What do you do now

2.1. Reorganising the curriculum

2.2. Dance classes, performance in theaters

2.3. Internet, Facebook, 1000 friends

2.4. Attractive lessons, connected to students interest

2.5. Teaching students, individual approach to each student

2.6. Select courses

2.7. One area that I am good and develop

2.8. Project based studying, group working on vocabularies

2.9. Learn by experience, transversal activities, controled environment of discussion within a preparation

2.10. Three kind of courses, EU funded, mixed model

2.11. Present people with training lesssons

3. My next project

3.1. TV series, art, values

3.2. Visit the Big Ben