Ultimate Survival Prepper's Map

An extensive and evolving survival guide including philosophies of survival, prepper checklists, survival skill manuals, online and offline resources, and our favorite survival gear recommendations.

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Ultimate Survival Prepper's Map by Mind Map: Ultimate Survival Prepper's Map

1. R

2. "Best" (My favorite) products by Category

2.1. Communication

2.1.1. Crank Radio Eton FRX 5

2.1.2. Ham Radio Baofeng BF-F8HP Ham Study Guide Key Frequencies 34.90: Used nationwide by the National Guard during emergencies. 39.46: Used for inter-department emergency communications by local and state police forces. 47.42: Used across the United States by the Red Cross for relief operations. 52.525: Calling frequency used by ham radio operators in FM on their six-meter band. 121.50: International aeronautical emergency frequency. 138.225: Disaster relief operations channel used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency; it is active during earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and other catastrophic events. 146.52: Used by ham radio operators for non-repeater communications on the two-meter band; it is very busy in many parts of the country. 151.625: Used by “itinerant” businesses, or those that travel about the country. Circuses, exhibitions, trade shows, and sports teams are some of the users you can hear. Other widely used itinerant channels are 154.57 and 154.60. 154.28: Used for inter-department emergency communications by local fire departments; 154.265 and 154.295 also used. 155.160: Used for inter-department emergency communications by local and state agencies during search and rescue operations. 155.475: Used for inter-department emergency communications by local and state police forces. 156.75: Used internationally for broadcasts of maritime weather alerts. 156.80: International maritime distress, calling, and safety channel. All ships must monitor this frequency while at sea. It is also heavily used on rivers, lakes, etc. 162.40: NOAA weather broadcasts and bulletins. 162.425: NOAA weather broadcasts and bulletins. 162.45: NOAA weather broadcasts and bulletins. 162.475: NOAA weather broadcasts and bulletins. 162.50: NOAA weather broadcasts and bulletins. 162.525: NOAA weather broadcasts and bulletins. 162.55: NOAA weather broadcasts and bulletins. 163.275: NOAA weather broadcasts and bulletins. 163.4875: Used nationwide by the National Guard during emergencies. 163.5125: The national disaster preparedness frequency used jointly by the armed forces. 164.50: National communications channel for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 168.55: National channel used by civilian agencies of the federal government for communications during emergencies and disasters. 243.00: Used during military aviation emergencies. 259.70: Used by the Space Shuttle during re-entry and landing. 296.80: Used by the Space Shuttle during re-entry and landing. 311.00: Flight channel used by the U.S. Air Force. 317.70: Used by U.S. Coast Guard aviation. 317.80: Used by U.S. Coast Guard aviation. 319.40: Used by the U.S. Air Force. 340.20: Used by U.S. Navy aviators. 409.20: National communications channel for the Interstate Commerce Commission. 409.625: National communications channel for the Department of State. 462.675: Used for emergency communications and traveler assistance in the General Mobile Radio Service.

2.1.3. Long Range Walkie Talkie Cobra CXT 1000 Series 1035R FLT

2.1.4. Signal Mirror

2.1.5. Emergency Whistle Storm Safety Whistle

2.2. Transportation

2.2.1. Bicycle with trailer Locks Bike repair kits

2.2.2. 4 wheel drive vehicle with cargo capacity that runs on standard fuel sources

2.3. Food

2.3.1. Zeer Pot

2.3.2. MREs

2.3.3. Pemmican

2.3.4. Conibear Traps

2.3.5. AquaPonics

2.3.6. Emergency Food from Costco

2.4. Water

2.4.1. Katadyn portable filter

2.4.2. LifeSaver filters

2.4.3. Lifestraw

2.4.4. Big Berkey filters

2.4.5. Non-scented chlorine bleach

2.4.6. Rain Barrels

2.4.7. Drinking Water Hose

2.4.8. http://oasisdesign.net/

2.5. Fire

2.5.1. Vaseline

2.5.2. Cotton

2.5.3. Steel Wool

2.5.4. AXE

2.5.5. Finnish firewood splitter

2.6. Shelter

2.6.1. tarps

2.6.2. Clark Jungle Hammock

2.6.3. Hennessy Hammock

2.6.4. Bunkers

2.7. Defense

2.7.1. Firearms Henry AR-7 Ak-47 Atlantic Firearms Classic Firearms Arsenal / Saiga = quality Century Arms Model c39 v2 milled akm compatible Glock Hawk 12 Gauge Shotgun Ruger 10/22 Reloading Kits

2.7.2. Knives KaBar Cold Steel

2.7.3. Pat Crawford Survival Staff

2.7.4. CoolMAX® IIIa Bullet, Stab & Spike Proof Vest

2.7.5. BulletProofme.com

2.7.6. BulletBlocker

2.7.7. AR500Armor

2.8. Attire

2.8.1. Triple Aught Design specre hard shell jacket

2.8.2. Craghopper Winter-lined trousers

2.9. Medical

2.9.1. Emergency Trauma Kits

2.9.2. Extra Prescriptions

2.9.3. Sawyer Poison Extractor

2.9.4. Coconut Oil

2.9.5. Bentonite Clay

2.9.6. Activated Charcoal

2.9.7. Essential Oils

2.9.8. Antibiotic Master Tincture

2.10. Sanitation

2.10.1. Soap

2.10.2. Toilet Paper

2.10.3. Quick Lime

2.10.4. 5 Gallon bucket Toilet Lug a Loo Double Doodie Bags

2.10.5. Hand Sanitizer

2.10.6. Bleach

2.10.7. Vinegar

2.10.8. Baking Soda

2.11. Lighting/Energy

2.11.1. Generator 3000 watt tri-fuel Gas cans Syphon Pump

2.11.2. Solar

2.11.3. Faraday Cage

2.11.4. Deep Cycle Batteries

2.11.5. Rechargeable batteries X 2 for each device

2.11.6. 15 hour candles

2.11.7. Headlamps

2.11.8. 1000 Watt power inverter

2.11.9. Propane Lamps

2.11.10. Oil Lamps

2.11.11. DIY Hydro Electric

2.12. Skills

2.12.1. Knots

2.12.2. Firestarting

2.12.3. Hunting/Trapping

2.12.4. Defense

2.12.5. Leadership

2.12.6. Water Filtration

2.12.7. Trapping

2.12.8. Recognizing and Harvesting wild plants

2.12.9. Harvesting and storing seeds

2.12.10. Farming

2.12.11. Harvesting

2.12.12. Food Preservation Canning Jarring Smoking Dehydrating Salting

2.12.13. Morse Code

2.12.14. Ham Radio License

2.12.15. Healing Detoxification CPR Trauma Care Herbs and Essential Oils Iridology Sutures/Stitches

2.13. Non-Power Tools

2.13.1. Cross Cut Saw

2.13.2. Hack Saw

2.13.3. Hand Saw

2.13.4. Large Hand Drill

2.13.5. Small Hand Drill

2.13.6. Battery Free Battery Tester

2.13.7. Battery Free Circuit Tester

2.13.8. Hand Powered Grinding Wheel

2.13.9. Hand Powered Air Pump

2.13.10. Austrian Scythe

2.14. Miscellaneous Tools

2.14.1. Shovel

2.14.2. Rake

2.14.3. Hoe

2.14.4. Pruning Shears

2.14.5. Loppers

2.14.6. Limb Saw

2.14.7. Hand Saw

2.14.8. Pick Axe

2.14.9. Post Hole digger

2.14.10. Large Pry bar

2.14.11. Large Bolt cutters

2.14.12. Plastic Zip Ties

2.14.13. Duct Tape

2.14.14. Plastic Sheeting

2.14.15. Tarps

2.14.16. Plastic Bags

2.14.17. 5 Gallon Buckets

2.14.18. Metal Tubs

2.14.19. Chain Saw

2.14.20. Heavy Work Gloves

2.14.21. Oils and Lubricants

2.14.22. Wheel Barrow

2.14.23. Yard Wagon

2.14.24. Clamps

2.14.25. Wrenches

2.14.26. Hammer

2.14.27. Screw Drivers

2.14.28. Allen Wrenches

2.14.29. Pipe Wrench

2.14.30. PVC cement

2.14.31. Garden Hose

2.14.32. Nails

2.14.33. Screws

2.14.34. Lumber

2.14.35. Ratchet Straps

2.14.36. Bungee Cords

2.14.37. Rope

2.14.38. Paracord

2.14.39. Chain

2.14.40. Yard Wagon

2.14.41. Pruning Shears

2.14.42. Sugru

2.14.43. http://www.ranker.com/list/useful-products-you-only-need-to-buy-once/jessica-lawshe?page=2

2.15. Entertainment

2.15.1. Frisbee

2.15.2. Playing Cards

2.15.3. Harmonica

2.15.4. Hacky Sack

2.15.5. Jaw Harp

2.16. Masks

2.16.1. MIRA Safety - Gas Masks & Personal Protective Equipment

2.17. Documents

2.18. Barter/Trade

2.18.1. Tobacco

2.18.2. Chickens and eggs

2.18.3. Alcohol Distillery Home Distillery Rainier Distillery Bavarian Distillery Tech Hagyo Distilling

2.18.4. Ammo

2.18.5. Salt

2.18.6. Soap

2.18.7. Precious Metals

2.18.8. Colloidal Silver

3. Why should we even care?

3.1. Evidence for the need to prepare

3.1.1. Literary Evidence Rise and Fall of the Great Powers by Paul Kennedy Zeitgeist the movie 1913 by Oliver de Mille Justice For All by Orrin Woodward The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin Financial Fitness Pack by LIFE Leadership Brave New World by Aldus Huxley 1984 by George Orwell Hardcore History by Dan Carlin

3.1.2. Anecdotal Evidence Lack of aid during aftermath of Hurricane Katrina NWO mandates Central Banking Families European Union Proposed North American Union

3.1.3. Historical Evidence Examples of "Fiat" money throughout history Roman Denarius China's Flying Money France's "Fiat" money - Livres, Assignats, and Francs Weimar German Mark Continental Dollar Zimbabwe dollar Petrodollar Causes of War Lack of Resources Default on DEBTS Conflicting Idealogy

3.2. Principles of Survival

3.2.1. Decide to survive 90% of survival is mental (The will to win)

3.2.2. Be prepared (Plan for the worst; hope for the best) Have a plan Communicate the plan (within the group) Adjust as necessary

3.2.3. Be Pro-active not Re-active Be first to act (Lead the way as early adopter/first responder)

3.2.4. Prepare in Stages Every Day Carry Get Home Bug Out 90 Day 1 year Permanent Self Sufficiency

3.3. Potential Problem(s)

3.3.1. Economic Collapse Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing End of Petrodollar agreement (USD as world reserve currency) Foreign Countries Implement US debt collection policies

3.3.2. Natural Disaster Cosmic interference Asteroids Comets Solar flares

3.3.3. War Civil Invasion Martial Law

3.3.4. Disease Pandemic

3.3.5. Distribution Chain Interruptions This would be the natural result of any of the potential catastrophes

3.3.6. Other/Unknown We don't know what we don't know

3.3.7. Risks organized by State

3.4. Potential Solution(s)

3.4.1. Every Day Carry Bag

3.4.2. Get Home Bag

3.4.3. Bug Out Bag

3.4.4. 90 Day supply

3.4.5. 1 Year supply

3.4.6. Self Sufficient Community Permaculture Food Forests Victory Gardens instead of Lawn care

3.5. Historically what happens during a collapse

3.5.1. Cultures typically move backwards (reverse progress) from corporate to industrial to agricultural

4. Resources

4.1. Manuals

4.1.1. Food Canning Gardening Composting Vegetable Recommendations for Beginners How to grow each type of vegetable seed How to harvest, process and store vegetable seeds 4 ft farm Cash Garden Diatomaceous Earth Report Survival Gardening with Heirlooms Cooking Edible Wild Plants Wild Mushroom Guide Traps and Snares DIY Bow and Arrow AquaPonics Companion Planting Guide

4.1.2. Water

4.1.3. Medical Surgery Dental First Aid GrandPappy's Homemade Soap Recipe

4.1.4. Defense Ranger Army Survival/Evasion/Recovery Urban Combat

4.1.5. Complete Family Survival Course

4.1.6. Household Encyclopedia

4.1.7. Knots and Splices

4.1.8. Surviving economic collapse 27 Items to hoard

4.1.9. Everyday Carry Kit

4.1.10. EMP Prep

4.1.11. Digital Privacy

4.2. Checklists

4.2.1. The List of Lists

4.2.2. Free Prepper's Checklist

4.3. Websites

4.3.1. BePrepared.com Retail site

4.3.2. ThePrepperJournal.com

4.3.3. TheNewSurvivalist.com

4.3.4. TheGreatNorthernPrepper.com

4.3.5. Wiggy's Cold Gear

4.3.6. FrontSightTraining.com

4.3.7. DoomsDayPrep.com

4.3.8. SurvivalMonkey.com

4.3.9. SurvivalBlog.com

4.3.10. ZombieSquad

4.3.11. WhenSHTF.com

4.3.12. OffGridSurvival

4.3.13. Wilderness-Survival

4.3.14. AskaPrepper http://www.askaprepper.com/what-a-prepper-should-do-around-the-house/

4.3.15. OasisDesign

4.3.16. Half Pint Homestead

4.3.17. Peak Prosperity

4.4. Favorite Gear

4.4.1. BioLite

4.4.2. LifeSaver Water Filters

4.4.3. Katadyn Expedition

4.4.4. SureFire Lights

4.4.5. Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle

4.4.6. DeadOn! Annihilator

4.4.7. OneidaVictor Traps

4.4.8. Clark Jungle Hammocks

4.4.9. Leatherman Wave

4.4.10. BaoFeng Ham Radio

4.4.11. DoubleTap Ammo

4.4.12. CasioPathfinder 5000

4.4.13. Pat Crawford Survival Staff

4.4.14. Century Arms c39 v2

4.4.15. Mira Safety Masks

4.5. Ultimate List of Downloads

4.6. Fictional Novels and guides

4.6.1. One Second After by Wiilam Forstchen

4.6.2. Jakarta Pandemic by Steven Konkoly

4.6.3. Black Flagged by Steven Konkoly

4.6.4. The Perseid Collapse by Steven Konkoly

5. How Prepared are YOU? (A Self-Assessment Questionnaire)

5.1. Medical

5.1.1. +1 point if you know basic first aid such as CPR

5.1.2. +1 point if you are trained as an EMT

5.1.3. +1 point if you are trained as a paramedic

5.1.4. +1 point if you own spare antibiotics

5.1.5. +1 point if you own at least one tourniquet

5.1.6. +1 point if you own at least two gallons of antiseptic liquid Iodine Hydrogen Peroxide Isopropyl Alcohol

5.1.7. +1 point if you know how to stitch a wound and have practiced it

5.1.8. +1 point if you own a medicine chest of essential oils

5.1.9. Total from this category

5.2. Communication

5.2.1. +1 point if you own an emergency hand cranked radio that needs no electricity

5.2.2. +1 point if you own at least one functioning pair of consumer grade radios (hiking radios)

5.2.3. +1 point if you own a functioning satellite phone

5.2.4. +1 point if you own a HAM radio +1 point if you have a current HAM radio license

5.2.5. Total points from this category

5.3. Proximity to Chaos

5.3.1. -2 points if you live within city limits of major metropolitan area

5.3.2. -1 point if you live within 50 miles of a major metropolitan area

5.3.3. +1 point if you live more than 100 miles away from ANY major metropolitan area

5.3.4. +2 points if you live more than 300 miles from ANY major metropolitan area

5.3.5. +1 point if you have already mapped out and PRACTICED an escape route on FOOT

5.3.6. +1 point if you have basic compass and navigation skills and can read a topo map

5.3.7. -1 point if you are reliant on GPS in your own city

5.3.8. +1 point if your bug out bag is ready to grab and go

5.3.9. +1 point if you have at least 20 extra gallons of fuel stored

5.3.10. +1 point if you keep your bug out vehicle at least 75% fueled at all times

5.3.11. Total points from this category

5.4. Cash and Coin

5.4.1. +1 point if you have at least $500 in cash on hand right now

5.4.2. +1 point if you own at least 100 oz of silver or 5 oz of gold and you have it in your PHYSICAL possession

5.4.3. +1 point if you have substantial savings in any currency other than U.S. dollars

5.4.4. Total Points from this category

5.5. Heat and Shelter

5.5.1. +1 point if you have an alternate bug out location (i.e. cabin in the woods)

5.5.2. +1 point if you have your own off-grid source of winter heat (i.e. wood stove) +2 points if you have a local supply of fuel to heat it with

5.5.3. +1 point if you have reinforced the entry points of your location, resisting break-ins via doors and windows

5.5.4. +1 point if you have a hidden escape route from your home

5.5.5. +1 point if you have a metal cross bar installed to block entry via your doors

5.5.6. Total points from this category

5.5.7. +1 point if you own a lightweight, quality, portable sleeping bag

5.5.8. +1 point if you own a reliable fire starting device

5.5.9. +1 point if you own a quality pair of rugged boots

5.6. Food

5.6.1. +1 point if you have at least 30 days of food stored on hand +2 points for 6+ months +3 points for 12+ months

5.6.2. +1 point if some of your emergency food is hidden from a home search

5.6.3. +1 point if you own a camp stove that can boil water without electricity

5.6.4. +1 point if you have stored at least 100 lbs of salt

5.6.5. +1 point if you have a home garden

5.6.6. +1 point if you practice sprouting

5.6.7. +1 point if you own and use a non-electric food grow system (i.e. Food Rising Mini-Farm_

5.6.8. +1 point if you own a food dehydrator

5.6.9. +1 point if you own food canning equipment

5.6.10. +1 point if you know how to process animals into food

5.6.11. +1 point if you know how to smoke or salt meat in order to preserve it.

5.6.12. Total points from this category

5.7. Water

5.7.1. +1 point if you already practice rainwater collection

5.7.2. +2 points if you have 2500+ gallons stored

5.7.3. +1 point if you live within walking distance of a year round, open source of water

5.7.4. +1 point if you own a gravity water filter such as Big Berkey

5.7.5. -3 points if you live in a geographic region that's actually a desert such as LA, Vegas, Phoenix

5.7.6. Total points from this category

5.8. Firearms

5.8.1. +1 point if you own a functioning firearm +2 points if you regularly practice your skills

5.8.2. +1 point if you own a rifle

5.8.3. +1 point if you own a night vision monocular (i.e. PVS-14)

5.8.4. +1 point if you own 1000+ rounds of any ammo

5.8.5. +1 point if you have reloading equipment and knowledge

5.8.6. +1 point if you own a suppressor

5.8.7. +1 point if you own a ballistic vest

5.8.8. +1 point if you own a chest rig

5.8.9. +1 point if you own a functioning flashlight with batteries +2 points for tactical +3 points for red light flashlight for night navigation

5.8.10. +1 point if you own a quality tactical knife and keep it sharp

5.8.11. Total points from this category

5.9. Fitness

5.9.1. +1 point if you are somewhat physically active +2 points if your are extremely active +3 points if you are an athlete

5.9.2. +1 point if you have familiarity with camping +2 points for backpacking +3 points for wilderness survival skills

5.9.3. Total points from this category

5.10. Interpreting your results

5.10.1. 0 – 20 points: You probably won’t survive. Prepare to line up in front of a FEMA camp and beg the government for food, water and shelter.

5.10.2. 21 – 30 points: You have a slim chance of survival, but only if you adapt quickly and improve your preparedness status immediately.

5.10.3. 31 – 40 points: You have a solid foundation for survival but need to quickly ramp up your preparedness to be ready.

5.10.4. 41 – 50 points: You are better off than most but still have a lot of preparedness tasks to complete. Seek to network with others who possess the skills you lack.

5.10.5. 51 – 60 points: You are very well prepared, far better than most, and will likely survive just fine as long as you surround yourself with capable people who share your preparedness mindset.

5.10.6. 61+ points: You are extraordinarily well prepared and are almost certain to live through the chaos if you stay alert.

5.11. 17 Skills our generation should re-learn

5.12. 15 Super Valuable Skills for Post SHTF situation