"Mass education" A short history

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"Mass education" A short history by Mind Map: "Mass education" A short history

1. Mass education and the sense of it

1.1. 19th Century Education

1.1.1. Education for the poor - Britian 1780-1820 Church involvement in education (bible reading) "schools for all" movement Sunday school movement (by community leaders) (children didn't work on sunday) "private" schools (Governess, grammar school) schools of industry Social Reform Jeremy Bentham Robert Owen

1.1.2. Rev Richard Johnson and 1st Church From rescue & reform to Moral panic (1788-1808) 3 governers Lt. Gov. - Norfolk Island (1788-1799) Gov. King (1800-1806) Bligh (1806-1808)

1.1.3. Gov. Macquarie (arrives in 1810) 4th governer (Used education as a way to build up skills). charity schools aboriginal school orphan schools Female Orphan School (Important political symbol) Marsden Joseph Lycett (Gov. Macquarie pickedout skilled convicts and put them into public service).

1.1.4. Challenge to church power in education (30 years in NSW) Battle for control of schools. William Wilkins (arrived 1851) Promoted to superintendent Henry Parkes Movement for secular education Empire leaders: education secular and extesnive SMH supports National Schools Wilkins recommends single authority (1855) Wilkins and Holden of NBE form alliance with politician Parkes Public Instruction Act (1880)

1.2. 20th Century (Disadvantage)

1.2.1. From social discipline to arbiter or privilege 1973 Disadvantaged Schools program 1991 Reviewed Disadvantaged Schools Program Theory behind "Education for the poor"