Christian Mair

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Christian Mair by Mind Map: Christian Mair

1. Interest

1.1. Film making

1.2. Visual effects

1.3. Video games

1.4. Music production

1.5. Skeet shooting

1.6. Fitness

1.7. Cars

1.8. Video game design

2. About me

2.1. Age

2.1.1. I am currently 17 years old. Born on May 7, 1997.

2.2. Place of Birth

2.2.1. I was born in Westpalm Beach, Flordia

2.3. Where I live currently

2.3.1. I currently live in St. Andrew, Jamaica

2.4. Subjects:

2.4.1. Communication Studies

2.4.2. Computer Science

2.4.3. Management of Business

2.4.4. Digital Media

3. Goals

3.1. I would like to graduate from college

3.2. I would like to be financially independent

3.3. I hope to run my own business

3.4. I want to retire at an early age

3.5. I would like to have a lot of free to in order to pursue my interests

3.6. I wish to die with no regrets

3.7. Make my own multi-player video game