Input & Output Devices

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Input & Output Devices by Mind Map: Input & Output Devices

1. Flash dives are use to store a large amount of data at one time.

2. Challenges

2.1. Can not send information to the computer

2.2. Opens the doors for distractions and students get off track.

2.3. The printers are costly with ink and paper.

3. Benefits

3.1. Keyboard gives the teacher the advantage to have students use word possessing for consistency.

3.2. with a mouse you can easily navigate/ point and click through assignments.

4. Input Devices

4.1. Keyboard

4.2. Mouse

4.3. Any information or data that is entered or sent to the computer to be processed

5. Output Devices

5.1. Monitors

5.2. Printers

5.3. anything that is sent from the computer to an internal or external device

6. Benefits: Students can benefit with e-learning and seeing what they learn. Printers are great because of the multi-function capability.

7. Challenges: Most students have issues with the keyboard with the typing speeds.

8. Can not receive information from the computer.