Web Awareness and Digital Citizenship

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Web Awareness and Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Web Awareness and Digital Citizenship

1. Digital Literacy

1.1. Parents

1.1.1. Need to understand what their children are doing online

1.2. Students

1.2.1. Safety Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram Sharing Information Contact Info Pictures Sexting Identity Theft Cyber-Bullying Plaigarism

1.2.2. Need to be made aware of their digital presence online

1.2.3. Responsibilities (See Ethics)

1.3. Teachers

1.3.1. Need to understand what their students are doing online

2. Information Resources

2.1. Connection

2.1.1. Scholarly Articles

2.1.2. Wikipedia

2.1.3. Youtube

2.2. Collaboration

2.2.1. Google Docs

2.2.2. Email

3. Ethics

3.1. Courses of Action

3.1.1. Promote ethical thinking "Is what I'm doing going to hurt someone?"

3.1.2. Anonymity provides illusion of safety and power

3.1.3. Need to be aware that there are consequences to actions

3.2. Identity

3.3. Privacy

3.3.1. "Who can see what I'm sharing?"

3.4. Ownership

3.4.1. Plaigarism "Am I taking credit for someone else's work?"

3.5. Participation

3.5.1. Creating

3.5.2. Sharing